Enneagram Type 5 Identity + Notorious Traits Of The Observer

enneagram type 5

Enneagram Type 5’s, known as The Observer,  have an innate desire for understanding ideas and concepts. Enneagram 5’s prioritize curiosity, knowledge, and self-reliance. This enneagram fears being helpless, as their primary desire is to be competent, independent, and self-sufficient. Type Five is one of the rarest enneagrams, along with Eights and Fours. The rarity of … Read more

Enneagram Subtypes | A Helpful Guide For Understanding The 3 Instinctual Variants

enneagram subtypes

The Enneagram can be a helpful way to understand yourself and other people better.  This system is a way of organizing and explaining different personality types that people have. Enneagram Subtypes provide another layer in understanding each of the 9 Enneagram types; these subtypes are called instinctual variants. Enneagram subtypes, or instinctual variants, refer to … Read more

How To Use The Enneagram In Business For More Success In The Workplace

enneagram for business

Enneagram tests are usually taken in classroom or workplace settings to understand the different personalities of the students or employees. The Enneagram for business can be extremely helpful because the needs of employees will be better understood by the management or HR of the company. Using Enneagram tests gives companies insight into how teams can … Read more

All 9 Enneagram Types in Stress and Growth

enneagram stress and growth

Enneagram 1 Stress And Growth Commonly known as the perfectionist type or the reformer, enneagram ones feel they need to be constantly changing and improving the world around them. They have amazing qualities such as a deep desire to make the world a better place however also have deep-rooted anger that can quickly change their … Read more