The Enneagram Tri Type Guide: 8 Helpful Tips To Find Tritype

enneagram tri type

Enneagram Tritype® theory is emerging within the world of the enneagram.  It is based on Katherine Fauvre’s research and application of the enneagram starting in 1992.  The Enneagram is a popular tool to help people understand their personality, motivations for doing, and why they interact with others the way they do.  Even organizations and corporate … Read more

Enneagram Vs Myers Briggs: The Differences Explained

enneagram vs myers briggs

The Enneagram and Myers Briggs personality tests are two of the most popular available. Both have their pros and cons, and both are considered to be extremely effective personality indicators. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Enneagram and Myers Briggs are different in that the Enneagram focuses more on the process of … Read more

The 3 Enneagram Triads + Advice For Responding To Emotions For Each Type

enneagram triads

If you struggle to understand the core cause of your emotions and how they influence your actions, then finding out which Enneagram Triad you belong to can be very helpful. The Enneagram Triads can tell you a lot about yourself based on which Enneagram personality type you are and can also guide you through self-discovery … Read more

Understanding Enneagram Stances | How It Influences Your Interactions With Others

enneagram stances

Enneagram stances categorize people into three main categories based on how they interact with those around them. The Enneagram stance is a powerful tool for helping people understand themselves and others. Three main stances influence how you interact with others: Aggressive, Dependent, and Withdrawn. Each of the three Enneagram stances refers to a person’s social … Read more

The 9 Best Enneagram Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You

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Are you looking for some inspiration to match your enthusiasm for the enneagram?  We’ve narrowed down the best enneagram instagram accounts that are popular, unique, engaging, and providing helpful content. Below is a list of the nine best enneagram accounts on Instagram (of course it had to be nine!), and what they’re doing that makes … Read more