The Top 10 Best Enneagram Courses For Individuals And Couples

Enrolling in an enneagram course is an effective way for anyone serious about exploring their personality beyond brief descriptions or even surface-level study with books. Selecting an enneagram course from a reputable teacher or coach can significantly increase your understanding concerning specific aspects of the Enneagram. Consider the difference between reading a book on your … Read more

Understand All 9 Enneagram Childhood Wounds + How To Heal

enneagram childhood wound

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that helps people understand themselves and others better. It consists of nine different types, each with its characteristics. Enneagram childhood wounds are the most significant events in childhood that influence the person’s adult behavior patterns.  Every Enneagram type has a childhood wound that affects their behavior. Children are … Read more

Enneagram Type 2 Identity + Notorious Traits Of The Helper

enneagram type 2

Personality tests are an excellent way to study psychology and the human condition to learn and categorize behavioral patterns. It can also help others figure out who they are and see how they fit in with others.  The Enneagram type 2 personality focuses on loving and helping others. Enneagram type 2’s or “the helper” are … Read more

Enneagram Type 1 Identity + Notorious Traits Of The Improver

enneagram type 1

The Enneagram is a tool to help individuals understand their personalities and identify patterns within their lives.  Improving self-awareness and recognizing re-occurring traits is especially appealing to an enneagram type 1.  An Enneagram Type 1 is commonly known as “The Perfectionists,” and more recently, as “The Improver.” The enneagram type 1 or “perfectionist” personality is … Read more

4 Enneagram Training for Therapists F.A.Q.s & Best Programs

enneagram training for therapists

Therapists are often required to continue education courses to maintain their licenses. Incorporating Enneagram training for therapists is a great way to bolster your profession. Learn more about how Enneagram training can help you build your practice! It is also an excellent idea to enhance one’s practice by utilizing practical tools to drive better results … Read more

Enneagram Type 8 Identity + Notorious Traits Of The Challenger

enneagram type 8

The Enneagram Type 8 is known as the Challenger or Protector. They are assertive, decisive, and rarely avoid confrontation. An Enneagram 8 is protective by nature, seeks to engage in meaningful work, and often takes charge of situations. They fear being harmed or controlled by others.  Their greatest desire is to be independent and to … Read more