3 Excellent Enneagram Training & Coaching Certification Experts

enneagram training

We believe the Enneagram of Personality can help promote self-discovery that everyone could benefit from.  Have you been impacted through the use of the enneagram and desire enneagram training so that you can help others?  Any type can become an enneagram coach and each number can bring a unique perspective while coaching. There are many … Read more

3 Successful Enneagram Business Coaching Options For Teams

enneagram business coaching

Whether a business is brand new or already established, team performance can be mediocre based on weak communication skills, a lack of self-awareness, or low morale.  However, there is a method to improving your team members’ execution and finding that missing link by hiring an Enneagram business coach. There are many different Enneagram business coaching … Read more

2 Trustworthy Enneagram Coaching Services for You or Teams

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Cloverleaf and Your Enneagram Coach are two trustworthy Enneagram coaching services that both provide different benefits for people looking for Enneagram training. These companies work to help with private personal training and for business owners looking to coach their teams. Read on to find out more about Enneagram coaching, and learn how it could help … Read more

5 Examples Of The Best Jobs for Each Enneagram Type

best jobs for enneagram

The Enneagram is a great way for people to understand their personalities better. Knowing what Enneagram type you are can go a long way towards helping you discover a career that dovetails well with your interests as well as your most fundamental personality traits. When it comes to identifying the best jobs for enneagram types, … Read more