Enneagram T-Shirts All 9 Types Will Love And Appreciate

enneagram t-shirts for every type

Shop this curated listing of enneagram t-shirts and apparel.  Use the table of contents to quickly find the enneagram number you’d like to find a shirt for. Each t-shirt is enneagram inspired and perfect for any friend or loved one.  Each shirt has a unique message specific to each personality type.  Add some personality to … Read more

The Four Best Free Enneagram Tests Online

Taking a free enneagram test to help determine which enneagram type you are is a great place to start.  Discovering your personality along with the motives and reasons behind it can be fulfilling and fruitful work.  Keep in mind, taking a test is just the beginning. Beth McCord describes the usefulness of the enneagram in … Read more

Enneagram Gift Of The Week

enneagram gift ideas

The Enneagram Gift Of The Week – 2020 BIG LIST The Gift Of The Week is a weekly posting of a new gift idea including which enneagram type may appreciate it.  Happy Gift Giving! Also, if you’re looking for more gift ideas based on each enneagram personality type, check out the post: The Best Enneagram … Read more

The 9 Best Enneagram Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You

enneagram instagram accounts

Are you looking for some inspiration to match your enthusiasm for the enneagram?  We’ve narrowed down the best enneagram instagram accounts that are popular, unique, engaging, and providing helpful content. Below is a list of the nine best enneagram accounts on Instagram (of course it had to be nine!), and what they’re doing that makes … Read more

The 4 Best Enneagram Podcasts That You Should Be Listening To

enneagram podcast

There are a number of enneagram podcasts that have niched their way into the world bridged between microphone and speakers. If you’re an enneagram enthusiast or maybe a friend has recently piqued your interest, there are a number of great podcasts that will help introduce you to the enneagram.  I’d even say that some content … Read more