5 Examples Of The Best Jobs for Each Enneagram Type

best jobs for enneagram

The Enneagram is a great way for people to understand their personalities better. Knowing what Enneagram type you are can go a long way towards helping you discover a career that dovetails well with your interests as well as your most fundamental personality traits. When it comes to identifying the best jobs for enneagram types, … Read more

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Each Enneagram Type

father's day gift ideas for each enneagram type

Find the perfect present for dad by checking out the following Father’s Day gift ideas for each enneagram type. Selecting the right gift is a great way to communicate with dad how and why they are special to you! I hope using this father’s day gift guide gives you lots of ideas!  The enneagram is … Read more

The 9 Best Enneagram Resources And Blog Posts

best enneagram resources

The enneagram is becoming wildly popular.  The following list of enneagram resources will lead you in the right direction toward discovering more about the enneagram, yourself, and others. If you’re curious about the best enneagram resources I’m going to assume one of a few things.  1.  You’ve recently heard a friend, coworker, or podcast mention … Read more