Enneagram Type 9 Identity + Popular Traits Of The Peacemaker

Enneagram Type 9, known as “The Peacemaker,” is harmonious, gentle, and pleasant by nature. Individuals with this personality type will attempt to solve relational problems and avoid conflict, sometimes at their own cost. Type 9’s adapt to situations and people the best they can to keep the peace. At their best, they can make influential … Read more

Enneagram Type 4 Identity + Notorious Traits Of The Individualist

enneagram type 4

Enneagram Type 4, known as “The Individualist” (and sometimes “The Romantic”), is the creative, sensitive, and idealistic type. Fours have a strong sense of identity, and a desire for meaning and authenticity characterize their personality. This type’s choices are often centered on self-expression and being unique. Fours loathe the idea of being ordinary or insignificant, … Read more

Enneagram Type 3 Identity + Notorious Traits Of The Achiever

enneagram type 3

Enneagram type 3’s are known as The Achiever.  They are confident, charming, driven individuals who like success and admire accomplishing big tasks.  Enneagram threes find joy in being recognized for their achievements.  When healthy, threes are humble and competent with great intentions.  When unhealthy, they can fixate on success at the expense of others and … Read more

A Helpful Guide To The Enneagram Motivations Of All 9 Types

enneagram motivations

The Enneagram motivations associated with each type are unique and are often more helpful for identifying types beyond traits and characteristics. Read on to learn about each Enneagram type and what motivates them. Exploring each type can help you identify what drives people, inspire empathy, and strengthen your relationships. Understanding human behavior involves underlying motivations … Read more

The Helpful Enneagram Guide To The System, 9 Types, & Tests


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