Learning your Enneagram type can help you better understand yourself, but what about your Enneagram wing type? Some wing types can make you seem different from others with the same personality type due to your distinct traits. An Enneagram Type 6 can have a five wing or a seven wing. In this article, we will be focusing on the Enneagram type 6 wing 5.

As a type six with a five wing, your personality has added depth from the Enneagram five attributes. An Enneagram 6w5 is more introverted, reflective, and intellectual in thought and behavior. The five wing can influence a six to favor spending more alone than with others.

Keep reading to learn more about the traits, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses of an Enneagram 6w5. You can also discover how you can benefit from your wing type’s influence and see a list of professions that would best suit an Enneagram type six with a five wing.

6w5 F.A.Q’s

What Does 6w5 Mean?

This title shows your Enneagram personality type’s number, a ‘w,’ which stands for ‘with a,’ or ‘wing,’ and your Enneagram wing type’s number. When indicating your dominant Enneagram personality and wing types, you can use a shortened term rather than saying the whole expression. In this case, ‘6w5’ would read as, ‘Six with a Five wing,’ or ‘Six wing Five.’ 

Source: Enneagram Texas

Enneagram 6w5 Description

A six wing five would rather spend their time alone but occasionally meet up in a group with others who share the same interests. Sixes usually bring people together and form alliances for a sense of safety and security. While an enneagram five will often decline from too much social interaction. Influenced by the five wing, an enneagram six can have characteristics that both enhance and seemingly oppose one another. 

In some cases, your wing type can have a powerful influence on your dominant Enneagram personality type. This occurrence can cause you to wonder if it is genuinely your personality type because of the contrast. Reading a description of your personality type paired with your wing type can help you ascertain whether you’re a type six with a five wing.

enneagram 6w5

6w5 Traits

An enneagram 6w5 is a part of the Head Triad, so they are motivated by their thoughts when making decisions, and if lacking awareness can be driven by fear. A six with a five wing desires security and fears being unstable or unguided. Also known as ‘the Guardian,’ they guide their underlings when needed and have a bit of a “parent personality.”

6w5 Behaviors

Those who identify as a 6w5 are cautious and loyal on the six’s side but are withdrawn and analytical from the five’s side. Enneagram sixes are generally timid and skeptical of others, and when influenced by the five wing, they tend to isolate themselves and steer clear of people they think are suspicious. They usually have a few close friends, but not very many.

6w5 Strengths

As an Enneagram 6w5, you have a passion for learning more about specific topics, which can help you in everyday life and work as you are well-equipped and ready for anything. You are good at focusing on the fine details in your work; you always cross your t’s and dot your i’s. Your wing’s influence gives you a talent for solving complex problems without a hassle.

6w5 Weaknesses

Despite always being helpful to their co-workers and a talented, hard worker, an Enneagram 6w5 might struggle with thoughts that they are unhelpful and worthless to their company. Sixes with a five wing tend to be misread as cold because they like to stick to themselves rather than work in a team. They tend to bottle up their emotions and find it hard to express them.

Sources: Medium, Optimist Minds, Psychologia, Crystal

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How To Benefit From A 5 Wing As An Enneagram 6

An Enneagram type six can benefit from a five wing by thinking logically about their anxieties and where they come from to better them rather than succumbing to them and being scared of everything around them. It would be best to remember that everyone in life isn’t out to get you. As an Enneagram 6w5, you are an asset to your co-workers because you are smart and work hard.

Source: Intuitive Enneagram

6w5 vs 6w7

As a six wing five, you value your privacy and prefer hobbies that only require one person. However, a type six with a seven wing is more extroverted and loves adventure and taking risks. Sixes with a five wing tend to think negatively, while sixes with a seven wing go out hoping for the best but always have a backup plan.

Enneagram sixes desire to be safe and secure, but a 6w5 seeks security through deep, understanding friendships, and a 6w7 seeks safety through loving and supporting the ones they surround themselves with. Sixes with a five wing have an abundance of anxiety, while sixes with a seven wing tend to have fewer fears and are more willing to face them.

Those with the same Enneagram personality types can seem different from each other if they have different wing types. Wing types can heighten strong characteristics or bring out other unique aspects different from your dominant personality type. A five wing’s influence on the sixth type differs from a seven’s in Enneagram.

What Enneagram Wing Is Your Dominant Type?

Usually, your personality type’s Enneagram wings have distinguished traits that can quickly help you find your dominant wing type. However, some people can relate to both wings or only one wing. You can find your dominant Enneagram wing type by considering the motivations of each wing type and deciding which one fits you the best.

Sources: Ian Morgan Cron, Personality Junkie

The Best Enneagram Wings Test

We have chosen the top five best Enneagram tests based on accuracy, efficiency, and rank so you can learn your dominant wing type and embark on your Enneagram journey. Each test has its similarities and differences that make them excellent options. This list includes the Truity, Cloverleaf, Crystal, and Integrative 9 Enneagram tests.


enneagram wings test

The Truity online Enneagram personality test has 19 pages and 105 simple questions that can distinguish your Enneagram profile, including your dominant personality type, dominant wing type, and how much you can relate to the other Enneagram types. The test takes around ten minutes to complete, is free to take, and is well-liked with a 4.8-star rating.

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Your Enneagram Coach

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Beth McCord is the founder of this site. She has been an Enneagram speaker, coach, and teacher for over 20 years, along with several credentials. This test and other resources on her site provide helpful, in-depth explanations of each type.

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The Cloverleaf online Enneagram personality assessment has 22 pages with short questions that can distinguish your Enneagram profile, including your dominant personality type, wing type, Enneagram triad, and an overview of your traits. The test takes around ten to 15 minutes to complete, is free to take, and provides valuable Enneagram advice through email.

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The Crystal online Enneagram personality test is a quick, free quiz where you rate the on-screen questions from one to five on how much you can relate. This test can distinguish which dominant Enneagram personality type matches you best and provides you with the resources from their page to find a summarization of your Enneagram paired with your wing.

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Integrative 9

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The Integrative 9 online Enneagram assessment has an option for understanding yourself and how you work. The standard package costs $60, has 22 pages, and can help you understand yourself with your Enneagram profile. The professional package costs $120 and has 44 pages. It reveals how you can use your Enneagram profile to improve your work ethic.

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Enneagram 6w5 Careers & Job Possibilities

Possible career paths for people who are Enneagram 6w5:

  • Financial Analyst: Since 6w5s can pay attention to fine details, they would be perfect at analyzing and planning company finances.
  • Business Consultant: 6w5’s are known as ‘the Guardians’ because they guide others. Being a business consultant who helps improve employees’ work ethics would be a suitable job for them.
  • Administrative Assistant: Because 6w5s prefer to work alone, being an administrative assistant who manages information and sends it where it needs to be would be great for them.
  • Paralegal: 6w5s often look for security in authoritative roles, so being a paralegal who helps lawyers stay organized with their paperwork would be perfect.

Source: Crystal

Here, you can find more career options for 6w5’s: The Best Enneagram Type 6 Careers + Job Advice & Guidance.

An excellent guide for all job-hunting Enneagram types is the Enneagram Career Guide.


An Enneagram type six wing five has all the qualities of a six with varying levels of influence from a type five. As a 6w5, you can be fearful of the world but logical enough not to let that set you back from your achievements. Sixes are likable and can attract people; however, the five wing may cause you to withdraw occasionally or need more time alone.

The core desire of an Enneagram 6w5 is to be secure and protected from any harm. They want to hear the message from others: “You are safe,” and “You will be okay.” A healthy 6w5 will see the beauty in the world and be able to think positively. This realization can help others perceive them for who they are and not someone who is withdrawn.

Discovering your dominant Enneagram wing type can be advantageous for you because you can discover how and why your mind works the way it does. Understanding why you make specific choices and how your thoughts form can help you further develop socially as you understand your strengths and learn how to use them fully.