IEQ9 Enneagram Test Vs RHETI Helpful Review + Which Is Best?

best enneagram test

Are you trying to figure out the best enneagram test to take?  The iEQ9 (Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire) and the RHETI tests are two of the most popular enneagram tests available. More than likely, you’re curious about which test is the best because you’re considering spending money on purchasing an enneagram assessment for yourself or your … Read more

The Four Best Free Enneagram Tests Online

Taking a free enneagram test to help determine which enneagram type you are is a great place to start.  Discovering your personality along with the motives and reasons behind it can be fulfilling and fruitful work.  Keep in mind, taking a test is just the beginning. Beth McCord describes the usefulness of the enneagram in … Read more