3 Excellent Enneagram Training & Coaching Certification Experts

enneagram training

We believe the Enneagram of Personality can help promote self-discovery that can benefit everyone.  Have you been impacted through the use of the enneagram and desire enneagram training so that you can help others?  Any type can become an enneagram coach, and each number can bring a unique perspective while coaching. There are many different … Read more

4 Enneagram Training for Therapists F.A.Q.s & Best Programs

enneagram training for therapists

Therapists are often required to continue education courses to maintain their licenses. Incorporating Enneagram training for therapists is a great way to bolster your profession. Learn more about how Enneagram training can help you build your practice! It is also an excellent idea to enhance one’s practice by utilizing practical tools to drive better results … Read more