Anybody can become a successful entrepreneur if they work and make savvy decisions. However, the best entrepreneurs know their different strengths and weaknesses and understand how to use them to their advantage. 

Each Enneagram Type has unique characteristics that lend to entrepreneurial endeavors. Different entrepreneurial ideas may be ideal depending on your personality. 

The following article is an in-depth look at how to use your Enneagram results as an entrepreneur. You’ll also discover why each type can become a great entrepreneur, along with insights and ideas to utilize based on their personality traits. But first, it’s important to realize some common factors that inspire someone to become an entrepreneur. 

What Factors Motivate A Person To Become An Entrepreneur?

A few factors that influence someone to become an entrepreneur include:

  • Independence and freedom
  • Passion for an idea or cause
  • Embracing a challenge
  • Financial security

Becoming an entrepreneur is attractive to many, but it is crucial that they know their reasons and have clear goals. There are usually four main reasons people pursue this journey. The first and most common one is gaining a great sense of independence.

using the enneagram as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs Prefer Independence and Freedom To Make Decisions

Schedules, routine tasks, and little autonomy feel crushing to an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you can decide when you want to work, who to work with, and how much. It grants a lot of freedom, a perk many people are drawn to.

Entrepreneurs Feel Drawn To A Cause

Individuals embark on an entrepreneurial journey fueled by belief in a dream, idea, or mission to accomplish something meaningful to them. There are resources available to help clarify your why; these three tips found here are exceptionally valuable.

Entrepreneurs Like Solving New Challenges

Some people like to challenge themselves and see what they can accomplish when they put their minds to it. Entrepreneurs like to think outside the box, explore new possibilities, and try new things. Overcoming challenges and solving problems can put fresh wind into the entrepreneurial sails to continue pushing forward.

Entrepreneurs Can Capitalize On Opportunities

The prospect of making wise business decisions and putting in the work can be extremely lucrative. Furthermore, becoming an entrepreneur might be the only way for some people in unique situations to gain financial security. 

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s no secret that there are many who feel dissatisfied with their work or stuck in a toxic environment. When people development is lacking, or morale is low in the job, it can lead to drastic decisions. If this describes you, before you take the entrepreneurial leap, check out the post: 5 Tips To Avoid Workplace Burnout Using The Enneagram.

The decision to pursue entrepreneurism is different for everyone. Understanding your motivation is advantageous and can help focus your efforts. This is one way the Enneagram for entrepreneurs can sharpen your insight, increase self-awareness, and ensure you lean into your strengths while properly managing your blindspots. 

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 1’s

Enneagram Type 1’s strive to make the world a better place and excel by using objectivity and leading by example. They have high standards for themselves and those they lead, making them excellent candidates for entrepreneurship. 

Enneagram 1’s can use their attention to detail and innovative approach to becoming an entrepreneur. Being detail-oriented is a great trait to make a business run efficiently. And innovation can help type 1’s find a problem that needs solving and create a lucrative solution.

the enneagram for type 1 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 1’s Make Great Entrepreneurs

Enneagram 1’s are known as perfectionists. They value improvement and integrity. These personality traits will appear as: 

  • Meticulous
  • Innovative
  • Ethical

These qualities are very advantageous but can be pitfalls if utilized incorrectly.  Being a perfectionist means you want to ensure everything is performing to its best.

This will motivate them to seek out the best options for their business and use their resources as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, they can use this desire for perfection to motivate people they work with to be the best they can be.

This will not only benefit them individually but the business as a whole. 

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 1’s

Type 1’s could thrive in the following entrepreneurial areas: 

  • Product based ideas
  • Software companies
  • Technology based companies

Each example requires attention to detail and innovation, traits that type 1’s are good at leveraging. These ideas highlight meticulousness and innovation to ensure everything works properly and efficiently. These are traits that type 1 individuals possess and can use to their advantage to thrive in these environments. 

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 2’s

Enneagram Type 2’s are supportive and compassionate. They are known as “the helpers,” and their top priority is to be appreciated. They are people-oriented and strive to provide quality service, which can help them thrive on their entrepreneurial journey. 

The best entrepreneurial path for type 2’s is service- and people-focused. They are very good at supporting others and are usually integral to a successful business team. However, type 2’s can also thrive on their own by focusing on their desire to help resolve a problem, provide support, and build strong relationships.

the enneagram for type 2 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 2’s Make Great Entrepreneurs 

Enneagram 2’s are caring, warm people; these attributes will appear in their work by: 

  • Their ability to unite people
  • An extremely loving nature
  • Top-notch collaboration skills

Because of these qualities, they make great business partners and owners.

Businesses rely on customers to help them make money, and establishing good rapport is a significant part of that relationship. Type 2’s can do so effortlessly, making this type a valuable asset, whether as a business owner or partner. 

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 2’s

The best entrepreneurial ideas for enneagram type 2’s all revolve around personal communication. The more they get to interact with and help people, the more likely they will be able to thrive.

Enneagram type 2 typically goes for customer-centered businesses. Their compassionate nature and desire to help people will serve them well in these ventures. For example, starting a personal styling or cleaning and organizing service could be very successful for enneagram 2’s.

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 3’s

Enneagram Type 3’s are incredibly dedicated to their work and put forth the effort to start and maintain a successful business. These qualities make enneagram 3’s ideal candidates for entrepreneurship. 

Type 3’s are well-suited personalities for entrepreneurship because they are ambitious, efficient, and result-oriented. They will throw work wholeheartedly and are extremely committed to becoming successful and maximizing their potential.

the enneagram for type 3 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 3’s Make Great Entrepreneurs

Enneagram 3’s characteristics that can help them become great entrepreneurs include: 

  • A go-getter attitude
  • Commitment
  • Passion for success

Type 3’s want to succeed in anything they try. And since they are willing and able to do the work they usually do. They are extremely committed to and passionate about their work and will do whatever it takes to thrive. 

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 3’s

The best ideas for Enneagram 3’s allow them to experience winning consistently. Work that focuses on direct sales would be a great option. This environment allows them to flex their work ethic and reap the rewards of it.

Entrepreneurship always requires incorporating selling and networking. Their drive to accomplish big goals, connect with peers and leaders, and produce results will aid their entrepreneurial efforts.

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 4’s

Enneagram Type 4’s are very individualistic and enjoy contributing something unique to the world, usually artistic. They aren’t afraid to stand out, qualities that can help them succeed in the entrepreneurial world.  

Enneagram type 4’s value individualism and may thrive in industries that require artistic skills and a desire to try new things. They are attuned to meaningful expression, and purpose drives them to contribute significantly to those they serve.

the enneagram for type 4 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 4’s Make Great Entrepreneurs 

The traits that can help make Enneagram 4’s great entrepreneurs include: 

  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Emotional intelligence

If these traits are utilized correctly, type 4’s can bring beauty to the world and create financial success.

Creativity is the name of the game for type 4’s. They want to express themselves freely and connect emotionally with others. These qualities can help make their work very impactful, reaching and emotionally connecting with various people. Their ability to connect with a wide audience can make their creative endeavors lucrative. 

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 4’s

Work that allows them authentically express ideas, be relational, and challenge others toward change will help motivate them to keep pushing forward as entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s creating visual art or writing a story, type 4 entrepreneurs will thrive in creative industries. The key is finding something that makes them tick and solves a problem for their audience while pressing into their unique advantage and offer. 

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 5’s

Enneagram Type 5’s have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning, particularly subjects or people that intrigue their interest. They also have superb critical thinking skills, qualities that can make them experts in whatever entrepreneurial industry they choose. 

Known as the “observant investigators”, type 5’s want to learn how things work. They enjoy solving complex problems and understanding the inner workings of things. They also have very sharp critical thinking skills, which can help them determine how to utilize their knowledge best. These qualities make them best suited for industries that require curiosity and intelligence, allowing them to exercise their perception and inventiveness.

the enneagram for type 5 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 5’s Make Great Entrepreneurs 

The qualities that make enneagram 5’s great entrepreneurs include: 

  • Intense curiosity
  • Solution-oriented
  • Ability to work alone

Type 5’s are not afraid to learn about each aspect of becoming an entrepreneur. They are very curious and want to become an expert on everything they can while finding solutions to any problems they encounter. Their hunger for knowledge and solution-focused mindset will help them run a successful business. 

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 5’s

Type 5’s should pursue industries that consistently provide new things to learn. Fives crave knowledge, so they need an industry that consistently challenges them and provides new things to discover. They should pursue ideas that heavily focus on observation, sharing new thoughts and ideas, and solving perplexing problems for others.

Fives must prioritize networking, strengthening relationships, and building connection points to grow their business. Their intense curiosity and self-sufficiency will help them as entrepreneurs; however, they must create effective ways to nurture ongoing relationships and dialogue with others.

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 6’s

Enneagram Type 6’s are care deeply about their ideals and opinions. They are committed to their relationships and to their word, which helps them to build trustworthy reputations with others.

Type 6’s take loyalty very seriously and are willing to do everything they can to support those they care about. Type Sixes can use these values to help customers feel safe and secure. 

Sixes will thrive when they provide service that helps others make quality decisions, create stability, and practice efficiency.

the enneagram for type 6 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 6’s Make Great Entrepreneurs

The qualities that make type 6’s great entrepreneurs include: 

  • Hard-working
  • Leadership
  • Trustworthy

These qualities can make them great business partners as well as sole entrepreneurs. Type 6’s are always willing to do extra work for those they support. Their loyalty motivates them to stop at nothing until the tasks asked of them are completed.

While they are very loyal, they also have solid leadership skills that will allow them to lead and support a team. Finally, type 6’s are trustworthy, and you can count on them to act with integrity. 

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 6’s

The best entrepreneurial paths for type 6’s focus on supporting others. Products or services that allow express duty and care for their customers is important. Because Type 6’s are loyal by nature, they should seek to solve a problem for their clients that help them feel stable, productive, and safe.

Enneagram Sixes require clear expectations, process, and stability to excel. Therefore, a Six may need a substantial backup and launch plan to feel safe before launching their entrepreneurial vision.

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 7’s

Enneagram Type 7’s are the most enthusiastic of the personality types. They prefer to do what they want when they want and desire the freedom to exercise their own ideas. Their energy and optimism are great traits for a successful entrepreneur. 

The enthusiastic nature of type 7’s lends nicely to entrepreneurship. Their energy and charm are infectious, and they often can naturally rally people around their vision. They also have an adventurous spirit and value new experiences. Type 7s can use their drive and future-oriented thinking to create a  successful business.

the enneagram for type 7 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 7’s Make Great Entrepreneurs 

The main traits that make type 7’s great entrepreneurs include: 

  • People-Oriented
  • Visionary
  • Optimism

Enneagram 7’s are the most extroverted of the personality types. They can connect with a wide variety of people, and their personality draws others to them.

This quality can make them very talented at establishing customer rapport, which can help their business grow. They are also very optimistic and can inspire others to change or adapt.  

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 7’s

Type 7’s will perform their best in industries requiring them to meet many people. Building rapport and networking will allow them to use their people skills to a lucrative advantage.

Since type 7’s are natural extroverts and have great people skills, they will do best in industries requiring them to meet many people. Entrepreneurial Type Sevens will need to prioritize rallying support around them to focus on vision and relationships. However, they will also need to work hard at adapting to structure as their business grows. If not, they can become the lid to their own success.

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 8’s

Enneagram Type 8’s are very assertive and independent but charismatic. On the surface, they seem a bit intimidating, but they are very charming once they are comfortable with people. These qualities can serve them well as they pursue an entrepreneurial path.

Enneagram 8’s enjoy challenging themselves and their abilities and often push themselves beyond their limits. Once they know what they want, they thrust themselves into trying to get it wholeheartedly.

An Eight’s assertive nature can be off-putting to some; however, their confidence and influence can often win others over. Type 8s can utilize these qualities to establish successful entrepreneurship.

the enneagram for type 8 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 8’s Make Great Entrepreneurs

The main qualities that make type 8’s great entrepreneurs include: 

  • Decision making skills
  • Confidence
  • Independence


Type 8’s are incredibly independent and need time alone to decompress. They prefer to make decisions based solely on their gut instincts and are rarely influenced by others. They are also very confident in themselves and their abilities, protective of others, and like to move quickly.

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 8’s

Enneagram Type 8’s who desire entrepreneurship should seek avenues that allow them to fight for justice, solve problems, make a difference, and tackle new obstacles.

Eights can utilize their decision-making skills to overcome challenges and find solutions. Eights can benefit from their independence, unfaltering confidence, and assertiveness to share new ideas and offer valuable services. 

How To Become An Entrepreneur For Enneagram 9’s

Enneagram Type 9’s are known as Peacemakers. They prefer to keep things calm and to try and reduce conflict in every aspect of their life. They are also very patient and can be great leaders when they wholeheartedly believe in something. 

Type 9 ‘s are diplomatic, modest, and likable. Because of this, they tend to attract others to them, and once they have a set goal in mind, they can be very inspirational leaders. Additionally, Nines can be very patient. These qualities can make type 9’s successful entrepreneurs paired with self-motivating practices.

the enneagram for type 9 entrepreneurs

Why Enneagram 9’s Make Great Entrepreneurs

The main traits that make type 9’s great entrepreneurs include: 

  • Perceptive
  • Genuine
  • Unifying

Because of their peaceful nature, type 9’s are able to connect with and communicate with others very easily. They know how to keep things calm and professional, which makes them very skilled at building relationships with customers and potential clients. They can also see things from multiple perspectives, making them great problem solvers. Their ability to keep things running smoothly can benefit them and their business. 

Entrepreneurial Ideas For Enneagram 9’s

The best ideas for type 9’s to pursue are those that solve conflict and help people work through situations to find the best solution. For example, running a counseling business will let type 9’s use their peacemaking skills and pursue their entrepreneurial ideas. 

Entrepreneurial Type 9s should prioritize helping others resolve conflict or problems, listening and responding to the needs of those they serve, and unifying differing groups. Nines effectively bring sides together and offer stability to those who need support.

Final Thoughts

Entrepreneurship is not confined to a specific personality; every type has the potential to excel and provide value.No matter your Enneagram Type, there are qualities you possess that can help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

If you’re willing to grow in self-awareness, strengthen your resilience, and focus on solving the problems of those you serve, you can build a career doing what you love.

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