Learning your Enneagram type can help you understand more about yourself, but what about your Enneagram wing type? Wing types can have distinct characteristics that contrast from others with the same Enneagram personality type. An Enneagram Type 2 can benefit from the one wing or the three wing. In this article, we will be focusing on Enneagram 2w1.

As a type two with a one wing, your personality is spiced up by a type one’s essence. An Enneagram 2w1 is typically more composed, rational, objective, and conserved in thought and behavior. The one wing can influence a two to be more focused on their work and strive for perfection.

Keep reading to find out more about the traits, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses of Enneagram 2w1. You can also learn how to benefit from your wing type’s influence and find a list of professions that would fit an Enneagram type two with a one wing.

2w1 F.A.Q.’s

What Does 2w1 Mean?

When indicating someone’s dominant Enneagram personality and wing types, you can use a shortened term to represent the longer phrase. This title is made up of your Enneagram personality type’s number, a ‘w’ which stands for ‘with a’ or ‘wing,’ and your Enneagram wing type’s number. In this case, ‘2w1’ would read as, “Two with One wing,” or “Two wing One.”

Source: PsychReel

Enneagram 2w1 Description

Twos are driven to help others with their innate sense of empathy, but they can be more conservative with guidance from the one wing. Additionally, as a 1w2, you will tend to pay more attention to your work and recognize your goals instead of doubting yourself.  When influenced by the one wing, an Enneagram type two can have aspects that both contradict and reinforce one another. 

Occasionally, your wing type can have such a powerful influence over you compared to the generalized behaviors of your dominant Enneagram personality type that you might question if that is really your personality type. Reading a description of your personality type paired with your wing type can give you insight into how strongly the one wing may influence you.

enneagram 2w1

2w1 Traits

An Enneagram 2w1s is a part of the Heart Triad, so they are influenced by their feelings when making decisions, and when unaware, feelings of shame can control their behavior. An Enneagram 2 wing 1 desires love and acceptance from those they cherish above all else and fears being unwanted by them. Also known as ‘the Helper,’ they take on a role to help others avoid their feelings of insecurity.

2w1 Behaviors

Those who identify with 2w1 value relationships; tend to use their energy into building and maintaining them, thus creating several deep connections with others. If you are a type two with a one wing, you like expressing your appreciation for your loved ones through your incredible generosity and freely advise others as you can read their emotions like an open book.

2w1 Strengths

Typically, a 2w1 is empathetic; one of their strengths is recognizing when someone is in need. They will gladly offer support and encouragement to those feeling down or unmotivated. Enneagram 2w1s also have a sharp focus when doing tasks and can acknowledge their own areas of growth. The one wing can also influence you to prioritize your needs too.

2w1 Weaknesses

Type twos with a one wing can be very emotional people who are often self-critical and insecure during hardships, which can really take a toll on their mental health. When helping others, they tend to sacrifice their needs for the sake of the other party’s happiness, seeking validation and praise that they won’t always get in return. They are sensitive and find it difficult to face criticism.

Sources: Crystal, Psychologia, iEQ9

How to Benefit From a 1 Wing as An Enneagram 2

An Enneagram type two can benefit from the first wing type by leaning into the sense to gather oneself when upset and proceed with life and assessing their emotional state.  As an Enneagram 2w1, you help others with less of an expectancy in return. You can be proud of your work, which can inspire others.  Concerning your career, you are more mindful of how your emotions can affect your work life.

Source: Optimist Minds

2w1 vs. 2w3

While those with the first wing type are introverted, others influenced by the third wing are extroverts and more people-oriented. Enneagram 2w1s are typically quiet and reserved, but twos with a three wing can be bold and strong communicators. The first wing helps type twos focus on their work, and three wings cause them to be more energetic and less focused.

An Enneagram 2w1 has a moral obligation to bring good into the world and make a change, while an Enneagram 2w3 is obligated to be the life of the party to attract as many friends as possible. A type two with a one wing is more in tune with the gut center, which powers instinct, but a type two with a three wing has a strong connection to the heart center, which powers feelings.

People who share the same dominant personality type can seem completely different if they have different wing types. Your wing type adds flavor to your personality but can sometimes rule over it depending on how strongly it enhances or contradicts your attributes. An Enneagram type two can be vastly different with a one wing than a three wing.

Which Enneagram Wing Is Your Dominant Type?

Those who have distinct characteristics that set them apart from their Enneagram personality type can quickly determine their dominant wing type. However, others that might have the natural ability to tune into both of their wings will find it harder to discover theirs.

You can find your wing type by learning the motivations of each wing and deciding which one you can connect to more.

Sources: Truity, Enneagram Paths, The Enneagram Institute

The Best Enneagram Wings Test

We have put together a list of four of the best Enneagram tests based on rating, accuracy, and practicality so you can confirm your dominant Enneagram wing type without hesitation. Each has its own benefits and differences that make them unique but rewarding choices. This line-up includes Truity, Cloverleaf, Crystal, and Integrative 9.


enneagram wings test

The Truity Enneagram personality test provides 19 pages with 105 total questions that can determine your Enneagram profile, including your dominant personality type, your dominant wing type, and how much you are like all other Enneagram types. The test takes about ten minutes to complete, requires no purchase or sign-up, and is well-liked with a 4.8-star rating.

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The Cloverleaf online Enneagram personality assessment provides 22 pages with simple questions that can determine your Enneagram profile, including your dominant personality type, wing type, enneagram triad, and an overview of your traits. The test takes about ten to 15 minutes to complete, requires no purchase or sign-up, and you can receive daily advice via email.

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The Crystal online Enneagram personality test has easy questions which you rate out of one through five based on how much you can relate and requires no purchase or sign-up. This test can determine which dominant Enneagram personality type fits you most and can show you the resources to find an overview of your personality, your basic desires and fears, and your wings.

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enneagram career test

The Integrative 9 Enneagram assessment includes a standard or a professional package. The standard package costs $60 and is 22 pages long. It can teach you all about your Enneagram profile. The professional package costs $120 and has 44 pages. It can teach you how to integrate your Enneagram types into your work to become more successful.

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Enneagram 2w1 Careers & Job Possibilities

Possible career paths for people who are Enneagram 2w1:

  • Non-Profit Leader: Because a 2w1 is motivated to help others and do good for the world while not expecting anything in return, being a non-profit leader would be an excellent choice.
  • Advisor: 2w1’s are great with advice because they are good with reading the room and telling others what they need to hear. They would make the perfect advisor.
  • Counselor: Because 2w1’s have a caring and empathetic nature, being a counselor and listening to others’ hardships, and offering advice for coping would be the perfect job for them.
  • Humanitarian: 2w1’s are empathetic and dislike seeing people struggling or going without help, and they also have the urge to make a change in the world. These attributes fit for being a Humanitarian the best.

Source: Crystal

You can find more career options for 2w1’s here: The Best Enneagram Type 2 Careers + Job Advice & Guidance.

An excellent guide for all job-hunting Enneagram types is the Enneagram Career Guide.

2w1 Summary

Enneagram 2w1’s have all of the attributes of a two with varying levels of influence by a type one. If you are a 2w1, you feel connected to your emotions but can have a stronger ability to control them when necessary. Twos are very generous and helpful, but with the one wing’s influence, you expect less or nothing in return for guiding others and do it solely to be kind.

Enneagram twos are relational and selfless people aiming to please. A type two is loving and giving in nature, sometimes to a fault.

The core desire of a two is to be appreciated.

The message a two most wants to hear is, “You are so loveable and wanted.”

A healthy 2w1 will be more in touch with the gut center, so their decisions will be guided by instinct more than their feelings like a typical two. This can help you be calmer and more collected in your work.

Understanding your dominant Enneagram wing type can be beneficial to you because it guides you to make decisions in life and reflects who you are as a person. Learning why you make certain choices when they contradict or enhance your personality will help you develop a stronger self-awareness.