9w1 | A Helpful Explanation For Enneagram Type 9 Wing 1

Discovering your Enneagram type can help you understand your motivations and reasoning, but what about your Enneagram wing type?  Wing types can add strong characteristics to your personality due to the unique attributes added by each wing. For example, a type nine can have a one wing or an eight wing. In this article, we will be focusing on the Enneagram type 9 wing 1.

As a type nine with a one wing, your personality can resemble aspects of an enneagram one’s attributes. On average, an Enneagram 9w1 is more introverted and steadfast in thought and behavior. On the other hand, the one wing can influence a nine to show more effort to better the lives of the needy.  And, when unhealthy, it can cause them to be more judgemental in thought.

Keep reading to find out more about the traits, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses of an Enneagram 9w1. You can also learn how to benefit from your wing type’s influence and see a list of professions that would be the most fitting for an Enneagram type nine wing one.

9w1 F.A.Q.’s

What Does 9w1 Mean?

‘9w1’ would read as, ‘Nine with a One wing,’ or ‘Nine wing One.’  This title shows your Enneagram personality type’s number, a ‘w,’ which stands for ‘with a,’ or ‘wing,’ and your Enneagram wing type’s number.  When representing your dominant Enneagram personality and wing types, you can use a shortened term rather than saying the whole phrase.

Source: Enneagram Texas

Enneagram 9w1 Description

Nines are known for keeping the peace, while enneagram ones are known for having high standards for themselves and those around them. With influence from the one wing, a nine can feel drawn to negotiate for moralities sake.  Interestingly enough, a type nine with a strong one wing can have some aspects of their personality that seemingly contrast common characteristics on their dominant type.

Sometimes, your wing type can have such a strong influence on your dominant Enneagram type that you might begin to wonder if it is actually your personality type because of the contrast between common traits. Reading a description of your personality type paired with your wing type can help you discover whether you’re genuinely a type 9 wing 1.

enneagram type 9 wing 1

9w1 Traits

Type nines with the first wing are a part of the Gut Triad, so they are motivated by their instinct when making decisions when lacking awareness can act out of anger. A nine with a one wing desires peace of mind and world peace and fears being separated or lost from what they care about. Therefore, a nine with a one wing will feel inclined to bring order and routine to situations to avoid negative emotions.

9w1 Behaviors

Those who identify with 9w1 can be optimistic on the nine’s side but critical from the one’s side. Type nines are generally more silent about their opinions to maintain peace. Yet, a 9w1 will let you know if they think you’re doing something morally or ethically wrong. This is because they have more of a sense of rights and wrongs than other nines.

9w1 Strengths

As an Enneagram 9w1, you can agree to disagree because you consider the different views in conflict. You are good at helping others grow and become better people by guiding them. Your wing’s guidance enables you to be more motivated in your work to get things done instead of procrastinating.

9w1 Weaknesses

Despite always caring for others, an Enneagram 9w1 often neglects their own selves and ignores their feelings to maintain peace. Nines with a one wing tend to put themselves down and overthink when it comes to making themselves better because they always believe they need to improve on something. As a result, they can be distant and isolated to avoid conflict.

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How To Benefit From A 1 Wing As An Enneagram 9

An Enneagram type nine can benefit from a one wing by leaning into the desire to be better at what you do.  Keep in mind that your needs matter just as much as everyone else’s.  Doing so will help you as an Enneagram 9w1 to accomplish your goals rather than dreaming about them.

Source: Intuitive Enneagram

9w1 vs. 9w8

As a nine wing one, you are very responsible and respectful of your higher-ups; however, a type nine with an eight wing can feel more inclined to rebel against authority, be in charge, and follow their own ideas. Nines with a one wing are more reserved in expressing their thoughts in social settings, while nines with an eight wing can be blunt about their ideas.

Enneagram nines both desire peace with themselves and everyone.  A 9w1 reacts to this desire by seeking to make the world a better and more peaceful place by uniting opposing sides, and a 9w8 by helping others find their own success.

Additionally, a 9w1 can become overly critical of themselves and struggle with conflict.  A 9w8 can often minimize their own needs and feel a strong tension between being passive and desiring to assert oneself.

Those with the same Enneagram personality types can be completely unalike if they have different wing types. Wing types can enhance your personality type and even contrast it when certain characteristics go against the typical traits of your dominant personality type.

What Enneagram Wing Is Your Dominant Type?

Generally, your personality type’s Enneagram wings have distinguished enough attributes that you can easily find your dominant wing type. However, some people are either able to compare to both wings or only one wing. Therefore, you can find your dominant Enneagram wing type by perceiving the motivations of each wing type and determining which one suits you most.

Sources: Ian Morgan Cron, Enneagram Paths

The Best Enneagram Wings Test

We have found five of the best Enneagram tests based on usefulness, knowledge, and coverage so you can discover your dominant wing type and commence with your Enneagram journey. Each test has its similarities and differences that make them excellent options. This list includes the Truity, Your Enneagram Coach, Cloverleaf, Crystal, and Integrative 9 online Enneagram tests.


enneagram wings test

The Truity Enneagram personality test has 19 pages and 105 questions for helping you distinguish your Enneagram profile, including your dominant personality type, dominant wing type, and how much you relate to the other Enneagram types. The test takes around ten minutes to complete, requires no purchase or sign-up, and is popular with a 4.8-star rating.

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Your Enneagram Coach

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The Your Enneagram Coach Enneagram type assessment shows you your Enneagram type so you can find your wing. It is 12 pages long with questions describing scenarios about yourself, which you rate from one through five on how much you agree. Your answer will be about 80% accurate, but it can be even more so after you complete their Enneagram courses.

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The Cloverleaf Enneagram personality assessment is 22 pages long. It has simple questions so that you can find your Enneagram profile, including your dominant personality type, wing type, Enneagram triad, and an overview of your traits. The test takes around ten to 15 minutes to complete, is free, and offers Enneagram advice through email sign-up.

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free enneagram tests

The Crystal Enneagram personality test is a fast, free quiz where you rate the on-screen questions from one to five on how much you can relate to them. This test can distinguish which dominant Enneagram personality type fits you best and shows you where to find a summarization of your Enneagram paired with your wing on their webpage.

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Integrative 9

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The Integrative 9 Enneagram assessment has two different options: Standard or Professional. The standard package costs $60 and is 22 pages long. It can help people from home understand their Enneagram profiles. The professional package costs $120 and is 44 pages long. It shows you how you can use your Enneagram profile to improve your work.

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Enneagram 9w1 Career & Job Possibilities

Possible career paths for people who are Enneagram 9w1:

  • Museum Curator: Since 9w1’s love helping others, working as a museum curator and putting out never-before-seen heritage collections, and helping people learn about their ancestors would be an excellent choice for them.
  • Human Resources Director: 9w1’s are good at mediating and seeing both sides of an argument, so being a human resources director would be the perfect job for them.
  • Religious Worker: Because 9w1’s have a philosophical look on life and wish for peace and clarity, being a religious worker would be an ideal path for them.
  • Environmental Scientist: 9w1s want to promote what’s best for the planet, so being an environmental scientist who learns about what needs to be worked on Earth would fit them perfectly.

Source: Crystal

You can find more career options for 9w1’s here: The Best Enneagram Type 9 Careers + Job Advice & Guidance.

An excellent guide for all job-hunting Enneagram types is the Enneagram Career Guide.


An Enneagram type nine wing one has all the qualities of a nine with varying levels of influence from a type one. As a 9w1, you strive for peace but want everything to be perfect at the same time. Nines look on the positive side, and with the one wing’s guidance, they use positives to work on moral action.

The core desire of an Enneagram 9w1 is to be at peace in mind, body, and surroundings. They want to feel safe in sharing their opinions and to know they are doing a good job. A healthy 9w1 can be happy with themselves. This realization can help them love themselves instead of doubting themselves.

Determining your dominant Enneagram wing can be beneficial because you can learn how and why your mind works the way it does. Revealing why you make certain choices and how your thoughts might confront or relate to your personality will help you understand your strengths and lead you to use them to their fullest potential.