All 9 Enneagram Types in Stress and Growth

enneagram stress and growth

Enneagram 1 Stress And Growth Commonly known as the perfectionist type or the reformer, Enneagram ones feel they need to constantly change and improve the world around them. They have exceptional qualities such as a deep desire to make the world a better place; however, they also have deep-rooted anger that can quickly change their … Read more

Understanding Enneagram Stances | How It Influences Your Interactions With Others

enneagram stances

Enneagram stances categorize people into three main categories based on how they interact with those around them. The Enneagram stance is a powerful tool for helping people understand themselves and others. Three main stances influence how you interact with others: Aggressive, Dependent, and Withdrawn. Each of the three Enneagram stances refers to a person’s social … Read more

Enneagram Subtypes | A Helpful Guide For Understanding The 3 Instinctual Variants

enneagram subtypes

The Enneagram can be a helpful way to understand yourself and other people better.  This system is a way of organizing and explaining different personality types of people. Enneagram Subtypes provide another layer in understanding each of the 9 Enneagram types; these subtypes are called instinctual variants. Enneagram subtypes, or instinctual variants, refer to 3 … Read more

Understand All 9 Enneagram Childhood Wounds + How To Heal

enneagram childhood wound

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that helps people understand themselves and others better. It consists of nine different types, each with its characteristics. Enneagram childhood wounds are the most significant events in childhood that influence the person’s adult behavior patterns.  Every Enneagram type has a childhood wound that affects their behavior. Children are … Read more

A Helpful Guide To The Enneagram Motivations Of All 9 Types

enneagram motivations

The Enneagram motivations associated with each type are unique and are often more helpful for identifying types beyond traits and characteristics. Read on to learn about each Enneagram type and what motivates them. Exploring each type can help you identify what drives people, inspire empathy, and strengthen your relationships. Understanding human behavior involves underlying motivations … Read more