Enneagram Type 7 + Popular Traits Of The Playful Visionary

enneagram type 7

The Enneagram Type 7 is an adventurous, enthusiastic person who is always looking for the next challenge. They are not afraid of taking risks and will push themselves to their limits to experience new things.  The Enneagram Type 7, also known as The Visionary, strongly desires to discover the world around them and explore possible … Read more

Enneagram Type 9 Identity + Popular Traits Of The Peacemaker

Enneagram Type 9, known as “The Peacemaker,” is harmonious, gentle, and pleasant by nature. Individuals with this personality type will attempt to solve relational problems and avoid conflict, sometimes at their own cost. Type 9’s adapt to situations and people the best they can to keep the peace. At their best, they can make influential … Read more