Distinguishing your Enneagram type can help guide you through personal growth and discovery, but what about your Enneagram wing type? Some wing types can make you seem different from others with the same personality type due to your unique traits. An enneagram type seven can have an eight wing or a six wing. In this article, we will be focusing on the Enneagram type 7 wing 8.

As a type seven with an eight wing, your personality has influences from an eight’s characteristics. The eight wing can influence a seven to be more intuitive than other head centers. An Enneagram 7w8 is more competitive, bold, and proactive in thought and behavior.

Keep reading to learn more about the traits, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses of an Enneagram 7w8. You can also discover how you can benefit from your wing type’s influence and see a list of professions that would be the most fitting for an Enneagram type seven with an eight wing.

7w8 F.A.Q.’s

What Does 7w8 Mean?

When sharing your dominant Enneagram personality and wing types, you can use an acronym rather than saying the whole phrase. This title shows your Enneagram personality type’s number, a ‘w,’ which stands for ‘with a,’ or ‘wing,’ and your Enneagram wing type’s number. In this case, ‘7w8’ would read as, ‘Seven with an Eight wing,’ or ‘Seven wing Eight.’

Source: Enneagram Texas

Enneagram 7w8 Description

Sevens are usually high-spirited and optimistic; however, a seven can have more aggressive behavior with the eight’s influence, especially when somebody disagrees with their ideas or opinions.  Influenced by the eight wing type, an Enneagram type seven can have attributes that seemingly enhance and contrast one another.

For some, a wing type can strongly influence your dominant Enneagram personality type, and you might wonder if it is your personality type because of the distinction between common traits. Reading a description of your personality type paired with your wing type can help you determine whether you’re genuinely a type 7 wing 8.

enneagram 7w8

7w8 Traits

Type sevens with the eighth wing are a part of the Head Triad, so they are motivated by their thoughts when making decisions, and their core emotion is fear. A seven with an eight wing desires to be content with their life and fears being unable to do what they want to do. Also known as ‘the Realists,’ they tend to be more present in the real world than their counterpart.

7w8 Behaviors

Type sevens are generally charming and can bring people together; with an eight’s influence, they feel the need to impress others. They combine these traits to make friendships but struggle to maintain them. Those who identify with 7w8 can be ambitious thinkers who plan innovative projects on the seven’s side but struggle with finishing them from the eight’s side.

7w8 Strengths

As an Enneagram 7w8, you can be confident in yourself, which can help you work to your fullest potential and prevent you from doubting yourself. Your wing’s guidance enables you to assert yourself so your opinions can be heard rather than brushed off. You are not intimidated during a crisis and can think of ways to solve problems because you are in the head center.

7w8 Weaknesses

Despite being funloving, an Enneagram 7w8 often seems impatient to others. Sevens with an eight wing tend to focus more on their profession than their friendships and relationships. They make big plans but seldom go through with them; they are a drop-everything-and-go type of people.

Sources: Medium, Optimist Minds, Psychologia, Crystal

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How To Benefit From An 8 Wing As An Enneagram 7

An Enneagram type seven can benefit from an eight wing by gaining a passion for their work but not being too engrossed to enjoy their personal lives. It would help if you remembered to not over-extend yourself, so let your body rest sometimes. As an Enneagram 7w8, you let everyone know your thoughts and opinions.

Source: Intuitive Enneagram

7w8 vs. 7w6

As a seven wing eight, you can get reckless because you drop projects before completing them to experience fun activities. However, a type seven with a six wing is committed to their word and will finish projects. Sevens with an eight wing don’t like being controlled by others or schedules, while sevens with an eight wing are loyal in everything they do.

Enneagram sevens both desire to be happy and content with their lives, but a 7w8 reacts to this desire by going out to party, and a 7w6 by finding enjoyment in everything they do. Sevens with an eight wing will share their opinions without worrying about how others will see them, while sevens with a six wing are sensitive to how others think of them.

Those with the same Enneagram personality types can be unique if they have different wing types. Wing types can either improve your personality type or contradict it if their attributes go against the typical ones of your dominant personality type. An eight wing’s influence on the seventh type differs from a seven’s in Enneagram.

What Enneagram Wing Is Your Dominant Type?

Frequently, your personality type’s Enneagram wings have dissimilar enough traits that you can easily find your dominant wing type. However, some people can associate with both wings or only one wing. You can find your dominant Enneagram wing type by recognizing the motivations of each wing type and determining which one suits you most.

Sources: Ian Morgan Cron, Enneagram Paths

The Best Enneagram Wings Test

We have chosen five of the best Enneagram tests based on quality, performance, and accessibility so you can distinguish your dominant wing type and continue your Enneagram journey. Each test has its similarities and differences that make them excellent options.


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The Truity Enneagram personality test is 19 pages long with 105 questions that can distinguish your Enneagram profile, including your dominant personality type, dominant wing type, and how much you relate to the other Enneagram types. The test takes around ten minutes to complete, requires no purchase or sign-up, and is popular with a 4.8-star rating.

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Your Enneagram Coach

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Beth McCord is the founder of this site.  She has been an Enneagram speaker, coach, and teacher for over 20 years, along with several credentials.  This test and other resources on her site provide helpful, in-depth explanations of each type.

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The Cloverleaf Enneagram personality assessment is 22 pages long with short questions that can distinguish your Enneagram profile, including your dominant personality type, wing type, Enneagram triad, and an overview of your traits. The test takes around ten to 15 minutes to complete, is completely free, and you can sign up to receive helpful Enneagram advice.

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The Crystal Enneagram personality test is a quick, free quiz where you rate the on-screen questions from one to five on how much you can compare. This test can distinguish which dominant Enneagram personality type matches you best and provides you with the resources from their page to find a summarization of your Enneagram paired with your wing.

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Integrative 9

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The Integrative 9 Enneagram assessment has two options for you to learn about the Enneagram, depending on your lifestyle. The standard package costs $60, is 22 pages long, and can help you understand your Enneagram profile. The professional package costs $120 and is 44 pages long. It reveals how you can use your Enneagram profile to improve your work.

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Enneagram 7w8 Career & Job Possibilities

Possible career paths for people who are Enneagram 7w8:

  • Promoter: Because 7w8s are competitive and persuasive, they can easily show off an item and its features and convince sellers to purchase it as a promoter.
  • Travel Writer: 7w8s hate being in one place, so traveling and creating a blog where you talk about your experiences in certain areas would be perfect for you.
  • Motivational Speaker: Since 7w8s have natural confidence and don’t feel any shame for their opinions, they can teach others to be confident in themselves and true to what they believe in as a motivational speaker.
  • Tour Guide: 7w8s have most likely seen every tourist hotspot in their town, so guiding people to the best places and finding them the best spots would be an excellent profession.

Source: Crystal

You can find more career options for 7w8’s here: The Best Enneagram Type 7 Careers + Job Advice & Guidance.

An excellent guide for all job-hunting Enneagram types is the Enneagram Career Guide.


An Enneagram type seven wing eight has all the qualities of a seven with varying levels of influence from a type eight. Sevens can be compulsive, and with the eight wing’s guidance, they are even more inclined to do and get what they want. As a 7w8, you are work-oriented but dislike being controlled by schedules simultaneously.

The core desire of an Enneagram 7w8 is to be satisfied. A healthy 7w8 will learn how to control their compulsivity and finish their work through and through before celebrating. This revelation can help them become better at what they do and, in turn, increase their success.

Finding out your dominant Enneagram wing type can be beneficial because you can learn how and why your mind works the way it does. Revealing why you make certain choices and how your thoughts might contradict or improve your personality will help you understand your strengths and lead you to use them to their fullest potential.