Best Enneagram Type 8 Careers For 2022 + How To Thrive

enneagram type 8 careers

Now more than ever, people want to engage in meaningful and fulfilling work.  In this post, we’ll look at enneagram type 8 careers that will provide a sense of purpose.  Below is more than a generic listing of job titles; you’ll find ideas for finding and creating work that you enjoy as an enneagram eight. … Read more

How To Use The Enneagram In Business For More Success In The Workplace

enneagram for business

Enneagram tests are usually taken in classroom or workplace settings to understand the different personalities of the students or employees. The Enneagram for business can be extremely helpful because the needs of employees can be better understood by the management or HR of the company. Enneagram tests give companies insight into how teams can communicate … Read more

4 Helpful People Development Softwares & Why It’s Booming

people development

People development within the workplace is on the rise, and for good reasons. Today, organizational health and fulfillment at work are more important to employees than ever before. Intelligent companies are staying ahead of the curve or at least slowing it by prioritizing resources and time to help their team experience personal and professional growth. … Read more

The 5 Best Enneagram Career Tests For Development & Growth

The Enneagram of Personality is a helpful tool for individuals seeking to better their personal lives by gaining self-awareness and understanding of their motivations.  Because the enneagram pinpoints these things and explains why these motivations are relevant, it is also instrumental in helping individuals create an ideal career path that aligns with their personality.  Exploring … Read more