The 5 Best Enneagram Career Tests For Development & Growth

The Enneagram of Personality is a helpful tool for individuals seeking to better their personal lives by gaining self-awareness and understanding of their motivations.  Because the enneagram pinpoints these things and explains why these motivations are relevant, it is also instrumental in helping individuals create an ideal career path that aligns with their personality.  Exploring … Read more

5 Examples Of The Best Jobs for Each Enneagram Type

best jobs for enneagram

The Enneagram is a great way for people to understand their personalities better. Knowing what Enneagram type you are can go a long way towards helping you discover a career that dovetails well with your interests as well as your most fundamental personality traits. When it comes to identifying the best jobs for enneagram types, … Read more

The Ultimate Enneagram Career Guide For All 9 Types

enneagram career guides

The Enneagram Career Guide will help you connect the dots between your personality and your work. The purpose of connecting the dots between your enneagram type and a career is NOT to narrow you into a specific field or niche. It is to help you understand what motivates you as a person and align that … Read more

The Best Enneagram Type 9 Careers + Job Advice & Guidance

enneagram type 9 careers

Now more than ever people want to engage in work that is meaningful and fulfilling.  In this post, we’ll take a look at enneagram type 9 careers that will provide a sense of purpose.  Below is more than a generic listing of job titles, you’ll find ideas for finding and creating work that you enjoy … Read more