How Each Enneagram Type Can Succeed As An Entrepreneur

the enneagram for entrepreneurs guide

Anybody can become a successful entrepreneur if they work and make savvy decisions. However, the best entrepreneurs know their different strengths and weaknesses and understand how to use them to their advantage.  Each Enneagram Type has unique characteristics that lend to entrepreneurial endeavors. Different entrepreneurial ideas may be ideal depending on your personality.  The following … Read more

How Can Enneagram Entrepreneur Types Thrive Based On Their Personality?

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To become an entrepreneur, you must be willing to research and learn how to become a great and successful entrepreneur. One way to accelerate your journey is to utilize the Enneagram to better understand how your personality type can thrive as an entrepreneur.  Enneagram entrepreneur types will thrive differently depending on their unique characteristics associated … Read more

5 Tips To Avoid Workplace Burnout Using The Enneagram

workplace burnout

I don’t need to tell you the current stats around workplace burnout for you to understand it’s a problem. You’ve likely experienced it yourself. However, the stats are astounding.  In a recent survey done by the American Psychological Association, 79 percent of workers had experienced stress at work in the last month, 36 percent reported … Read more

Career Advice For Each Enneagram Type | Discover How To Experience Meaningful Work

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The enneagram is useful for discovering your personality type and the core motivations that have helped shape you.  Also, it is useful for helping you find a career path that will be meaningful and fulfilling.  Below you’ll find advice about each enneagram type to help you learn how to experience a meaningful career doing work … Read more

Best Enneagram Type 6 Careers For 2022 + How To Thrive

enneagram type 6 careers

Now more than ever, people want to engage in meaningful and fulfilling work.  In this post, we’ll look at enneagram type 6 careers that will provide a sense of purpose.  Below is more than a generic listing of job titles; you’ll find ideas for finding and creating work that you enjoy as an enneagram five. … Read more