If you’ve just taken the test and learned your Enneagram type, you might wonder if entrepreneurship is right for you. After all, what if you’re a type Six who prefers safety and structure or a type One who has always been considered a responsible and hardworking employee? 

There are different aspects of entrepreneurship that are appealing to each Enneagram type. Just as each career path has different benefits, each personality type will gravitate or shy away from entrepreneurship for various reasons. 

Whether you’re a people-oriented type Two or a type Seven who is always on the go, becoming an entrepreneur might be the right fit. Keep reading to discover why becoming an entrepreneur appeals to each Enneagram type.

10 Benefits Of Being An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not an easy path and can come with many challenges. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding career decisions for many people of all personality types.

Generally, one Enneagram type is not a better entrepreneur than the other. And no one type will typically choose entrepreneurship over another. Instead, you can expect each personality type to find different approaches and benefits in business. 

However, many of the benefits of being an entrepreneur can be considered somewhat universal. Some of the best perks of becoming an entrepreneur include:

  • Choosing when you work
  • Making your own business decisions
  • Potentially unlimited income
  • Work-life autonomy
  • Constant growth and development
  • Creating a career that aligns with your values
  • Building a beneficial network
  • The ability to work from anywhere
  • Choosing who you work with
  • Unexpected and thrilling experiences

Of course, some of these benefits will appeal more than others, depending on your Enneagram Type. For example, if you are more apt to crave solitude, such as a type Five, you may not see building a network as much of a benefit, but work-life autonomy could be desirable.

The Enneagram can help you identify and navigate your internal motivations. It can also help you understand how you respond to things in times of stress and health.

As you learn more about your personality type, you can better understand your strengths and weaknesses and how your personality affects your work. Then you’ll be able to gauge better how being an entrepreneur would benefit you. 

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 1’s?

enneagram 1 entrepreneurs

Enneagram Type 1s seek integrity and balance and are driven to improve the world around them.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Ones are pulled to start a business in areas that can put their problem-solving skills to work. For example, this could be financial planning or interior design. They also like to support social causes in some way. 

Entrepreneurism appeals to One’s desire to reform, improve, and produce quality. Things are never perfect when it comes to running a business. Something can always be improved upon, which can be a driving factor for many Ones as entrepreneurs.

Ones love a clear idea of whether or not they are improving or getting the job done. They are likely to choose businesses that show solid results and utilize tools that help them measure success. 

Ones strive for quality work and are typically organized individuals. They are honest and perceptive, using rationality and transparent rules to get the job done. These characteristics are where their strengths lie in owning a business.ese characteristicsare 

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 2’s?

enneagram 2 entrepreneurs

Enneagram Type 2s seek connection and love; they are drawn toward people and love work centered around helping others. 

It’s essential for Twos not to end up in a career then runs them ragged emotionally and empathetically. Service-oriented roles may seem to fit a Two’s need to be of service; because of this, entrepreneurism may be appealing as it allows Twos to make their own decisions and choose a career that aligns with their goal to make a difference by building strong relationships. 

Twos do well in supportive and motivating roles in running their own business. These options could be starting your own tutoring business or therapy practice. Working as a blogger or running a personal assistant business could also appeal because it allows them to help others resolve a problem. 

Twos want to be liked and thrive when providing support and encouragement by utilizing their relational skills. However, Twos must be careful, as their people-please tendencies can get in the way of business growth if clear boundaries are not set. 

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 3’s?

enneagram 3 entrepreneurs

Enneagram Type 3s are dreamers and doers who push toward achieving their goals. They seek admiration and to ensure there is always progress moving forward. They are ambitious and can often leave a lasting impression.

That being said, it should be no surprise that entrepreneurism is attractive to threes; it appeals to their core. In fact, one of the Enneagram types most often seen is CEO positions in Type Three

Running a business takes drive and grit. This aspect appeals to Threes because they love developing and making a vision happen. Their ambition is unmatched, and they don’t see failure as an option. 

Because they are results-oriented, Threes are good at setting a goal and organizing their efforts to achieve it. However, their actions can quickly shift into overworking and burnout, so entrepreneurial Threes need to focus on work-life autonomy. 

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 4’s?

enneagram 4 entrepreneurs

Enneagram Type 4s are driven by their desire to express themselves and show their individualistic personality authentically. Because they thrive in settings that engage their creative side and allow for self-expression, a typical 9 to 5 may leave them emotionally and mentally drained. 

As an entrepreneur, Fours can uniquely express ideas, be relational, and challenge others toward growth. While the lack of stability of starting a business may feel daunting to others, Fours would accept the challenge with open arms if it meant avoiding the creative suffocation of a typical office job. 

Many fours will see entrepreneurism as a way to aesthetically and authentically contribute to the world. Owning a business has the remarkable capacity to turn the mundane into something unique and beautiful – this is what Fours crave.

As entrepreneurs, fours must be careful not to get too caught up in comparisons. This habit can be paralyzing, causing Fours to withdraw, making it difficult to maintain forward momentum.

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 5’s?

enneagram 5 entrepreneurs

Enneagram Type 5s are naturally curious and intellectual. They strive to be a master in their field, seeking clarity and understanding of intricate subjects. Because of this, they tend to crave solitude and desire to become experts in their area. 

Entrepreneurism will appeal to Fives because it allows them to have autonomy and help others with inventive ideas and solutions.

As an entrepreneur, Fives can choose how much time they spend with others and how much they can spend alone. They will probably gravitate to businesses that can be done independently, for example, researchers, analysts, or freelance designers.

While they often profoundly care for others, social aspects of their career can be exhaustive for Fives. Enneagram Fives need to spend time alone to process decisions and regain energy.

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 6’s?

enneagram 6 entrepreneur

Enneagram Type 6s tend to be highly insightful but are also prone to worry. They seek support and guidance from others and prefer a set plan if something goes wrong. 

Sixes are responsible, trustworthy, and hardworking. A few aspects of owning a business might sway a Six into taking the risk. Business ideas that help to create a positive impact by providing stability and safety to an individual organization may be appealing.

Also, other avenues, such as writers, artists, or personal instructors, allow sixes to employ their strengths in collaboration and problem-solving without the significant risk of letting someone down.

Sixes are loyal guardians driven by the need for security and structure. If a Six has a solid business plan, they may prefer the path of entrepreneurship over standard employment. 

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 7’s?

enneagram 7 entrepreneur

Like Threes, it is common for Enneagram Type 7s to be in CEO positions compared to other Enneagram types. Seeking freedom and adventure, Sevens like to make their own decisions and living without restraints. They are also passionate dreamers who don’t share their excitement with others.

As an entrepreneur, Sevens get to be the boss. They need a career that can feed their zest for life, have variety, and be relational. Sevens can be inspiring and great at attracting others to join their vision.

Because Sevens are so spontaneous, they must be careful to avoid “shiny object syndrome,” meaning they can fall prey to starting businesses and then move on if they feel it becomes mundane. The challenge for Sevens is learning to push through the dull moments in business instead of looking for the next best thing. 

Some self-ran businesses that may appeal to Sevens include photographers, publicists, life coaches, travel bloggers, or restaurant/café owners. Ideas that allow them to explore new ideas, be creative and innovative, and remain adaptable are attractive to an Enneagram Seven.

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 8’s?

enneagram 8 entrepreneurs

Enneagram Type 8s take on any opportunity to lead and help something grow. As the challenger personality, they love to take charge and see how far they can go. Because of this, entrepreneurism can be a highly appealing career move for many Eights. 

They want to use their influence and make important things happen. The idea of multiple managers and supervisors stifling them does not sit well with them. If an Eight feels stuck in the same position or without power, it could feel like a death sentence.

Eights enjoy the freedom and autonomy of making their own business decisions as entrepreneurs. They can constantly set up challenges and goals for themselves and their business and then work freely to meet those goals. 

Because leadership is natural to Eights, their potential to lead is high. However, they need to remember to take a breath during decision-making so they don’t get too carried away or overwhelmed.

Why Is Entrepreneurship Appealing to Enneagram 9’s?

enneagram 9 entrepreneurs

Enneagram Type 9s  seek harmony and peace of mind. Nines want to live on their terms but are naturally agreeable and non-confrontational. They are innate to see things from multiple perspectives, making it possible for them to become incredible leaders.

As an entrepreneur, Nines can rely on their diplomatic strengths. While some companies may have drama in the workplace, healthy Type Nines can create harmonious environments. Nines dislike all forms of conflict, tension, and negativity. They are optimistic and enthusiastic and try to see the good in everyone. 

As a business owner, Nines are understanding, patient, genuine, and supportive. These characteristics can help them to create thriving relationships with clients and team members.

Nines must be aware that they can be passive, which may limit growth in their business unless they practice being proactive. Doing so will help them to be productive, set new goals, and hit deadlines.

Some businesses that may appeal to Enneagram Nine include editors, coaches, non-profit directors, and therapists. Any option that allows them to serve others by helping to resolve problems, bring groups together, and provide support will be appealing.

Final Thoughts About The Appeal Of Entrepreneurship For Each Enneagram Type

Entrepreneurship will appeal to each Enneagram type for various reasons. Owning a business isn’t for everyone, but it can find its place within different personalities as they learn to utilize their skills, pursue their passion, and take risks.

Knowing your personality type can help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. If you like a flexible, less-structured schedule, you may adjust your approach to better fit your skills. Or you may realize you’re more introverted, so perhaps you could try working from home rather than being in a crowded office.

Whatever your Enneagram Type is, understand that entrepreneurship can be for you too! Your personality is not a limiting factor for pursuing your dream, building a business, and providing value to others.

Each Enneagram Type needs to ask, how can I use my motivation and skillset to create meaningful work that helps others solve a problem? Your ability to answer this question, grow in self-awareness, and serve an audience is key to pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.