All 18 Enneagram Wings | Helpful Descriptions for Every Type

enneagram wings

While knowing your dominant Enneagram personality type can teach you a lot about yourself, learning about enneagram wings can enhance your understanding even further. Using the helpful Enneagram wing descriptions in this article, you can begin to explore all 18 enneagram wings to become more aware of your motivations and actions in your decision-making. Each … Read more

Learn How to Find Your Enneagram With 4 Helpful Tips

how to find your enneagram type

The Enneagram of Personality’s philosophy is all about being honest with yourself on a sincere level. Your Enneagram personality type can help you recognize unconscious habits, your strongest desires, and your deepest fears. Learning the Enneagram personality type that you resonate with the most can guide you to becoming a better person using this self-knowledge. … Read more

The 3 Enneagram Triads + Advice For Responding To Emotions For Each Type

enneagram triads

If you are struggling to understand the core cause of your emotions and how they influence your actions, then finding out which Enneagram Triad you belong to can be very helpful. The Enneagram Triads can tell you a lot about yourself based on which Enneagram personality type you are and can also guide you through … Read more

Understanding Enneagram Stances | How It Influences Your Interactions With Others

enneagram stances

Enneagram stances categorize people into three main categories based on how they interact with those around them. The Enneagram stance is a powerful tool for helping people understand themselves and others. Three main stances influence how you interact with others: Aggressive, Dependent, and Withdrawn. Each of the three Enneagram stances refers to a person’s social … Read more

3 Excellent Enneagram Training & Coaching Certification Experts

enneagram training

We believe the Enneagram of Personality can help promote self-discovery that everyone could benefit from.  Have you been impacted through the use of the enneagram and desire enneagram training so that you can help others?  Any type can become an enneagram coach, and each number can bring a unique perspective while coaching. There are many … Read more

3 Successful Enneagram Business Coaching Options For Teams

enneagram business coaching

Whether a business is brand new or already established, team performance can be mediocre based on weak communication skills, a lack of self-awareness, or low morale.  However, there is a method to improving your team members’ execution and finding that missing link by hiring an Enneagram business coach. There are many different Enneagram business coaching … Read more