Are you looking for some inspiration to match your enthusiasm for the enneagram?  We’ve narrowed down the best enneagram instagram accounts that are popular, unique, engaging, and providing helpful content.

Below is a list of the nine best enneagram accounts on Instagram (of course it had to be nine!), and what they’re doing that makes their content so great.  We’ve also included a bonus account too!

Whether you looking to learn a little bit more about the enneagram, yourself, or others these influencers will provide the inspiration you’re looking for.  BTW, the accounts are listed in no particular order.  Also, if you’re into podcasts be sure to check out the post, The Four Best Enneagram Podcasts You Should Listen To.

The 9 Best Enneagram Instagram Accounts Worth Following


Typology Podcast contains quotes and reviews of conversations that take place on the podcast hosted by Ian Cron.  It is a great quick-reference to people who identify as a certain type and discussions based around that topic.

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Enneagram and Coffee BLEW UP on instagram in early 2019 and has continued to gain momentum ever since.  The account is run by @sarajanecase and is grew in popularity because of the accurate type descriptions posted and her instagram stories.  Sara has begun to include enneagram inspired artwork created by other artists.

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Your Enneagram Coach is run by Type 9w8 named Beth McCord.  A majority of the content is presented in a very teacher-esque way.  Most of the information is bullet-points making it quick to read and easy to digest.  If you enjoy a teaching format, you’ll like this account.

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Christina S. Wilcox is a very talented digital creator.  Her work is fun and stylish.  In addition, it displays beautifully on instagram.  The enneagram inspired artwork is also accurate and helpful to those who are looking to or already to identify with a number.

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Enneagram Ashton is a mix of mantra’s, encouragement, and descriptions displayed in fun, colorful artwork.

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Enneagram Explained is an acount focused on helping it’s followers to grow in learning about their self and others.  The posts are simple (in the sense that they are easy to understand) and straight-forward.  The account is run by Brittany, a 1w9, she mixes subtle humor into some of the posts along with poems and quotes too.

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Enneagram & Marriage is obviously focused on providing information that will help people build and create healthy marriages.  The account is very interesting in that the best content is actually contained in the caption.  The captions contain long, descriptive writing centered around the topic idea that is presented in the image.  Below is an upload and an excerpt from the caption too.

enneagram and marriage

Different from a physical or emotional affair, microcheating zaps love points more slowly and fills couples with an apathy to not change…

After all, on a nice easy micro level, someone else is filling those needs.

As you may sense from the label, microcheating takes place when two coworkers or friends of the (usually) opposite gender support one another on an emotional level… – Enneagram & Marriage

Enneagram Life is run by Elisabeth Bennet who is a 4w5.  Her work is displayed mostly in pastel colors and each post is to the point.   The captions are wonderfully written and actually draw you back to read them with each new post.  She posts in series, my favorite being each type “as children”.


Nine Types Co. is full of thoughtful statements and quotes that each enneagram type can draw from.  The account will challenge you to grow and encourage you where you seem to falling short.

Bonus Enneagram Instagram Acount To Follow:

Enneagram Gifts is the instagram account of this blog!  How could we not include it too?  Enneagram Gifts is a curated listing of some of the best instagram posts related to the enneagram along with gift ideas for each enneagram type.

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I hope these enneagram instagram accounts are encouraging to you.  Again, the links to each account are posted above.  Give them a follow, tap the heart button, and share an encouraging comment on a couple of your favorites posts.

p.s. Are you looking for some gift ideas for enneagram personality types?  Check out the post: The Best Enneagram Gifts For All 9 Types

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