Best Enneagram Planner To Help All 9 Types Thrive Every Day

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While some Enneagram Types may have a stronger desire to structure their day, every person can benefit from clarifying their focus based on their personality and specific motivations. Using a planner tailored to your Enneagram Type can help you accomplish more and thrive every day. Acknowledging internal messages that may hinder your progress and choosing … Read more

Learn How to Find Your Enneagram With 4 Helpful Tips

how to find your enneagram type

Using the Enneagram requires being sincerely honest with yourself. Your Enneagram personality type can help you recognize your unconscious habits, strongest desires, and deepest fears. Learning the Enneagram personality type that you resonate with the most can strengthen self-awareness, reveal strengths and weaknesses, and help you develop healthy behavior. Besides taking a test, there are … Read more

Enneagram Vs Myers Briggs: The Differences Explained

enneagram vs myers briggs

The Enneagram and Myers Briggs personality tests are two of the most popular. Both have pros and cons and can be highly effective personality indicators. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Enneagram and Myers Briggs are different in that the Enneagram focuses more on the development process, and Myers Briggs focuses more … Read more

12 Famous Enneagram Types & Celebrities + Personal Quotes

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Whether they are known historically, in the present through pop culture, or for their practice of the Enneagram, celebrities are often disconnected from reality in our minds. However, celebrities are real people just like us who may go through the same struggles and may have the same interests. In this article, you’ll find famous Enneagram … Read more