Enneagram tests are usually taken in classroom or workplace settings to understand the different personalities of the students or employees. The Enneagram for business can be extremely helpful because the needs of employees can be better understood by the management or HR of the company.

Enneagram tests give companies insight into how teams can communicate better and reduce conflict, creating a more successful work environment. Businesses should understand their employees’ strengths and weaknesses to make workers feel fulfilled in their occupations.

The Enneagram is highly beneficial for workplace environments for several reasons. Business owners and managers should consider using these personality tests to see why employees are stressed or motivated by different things. 

A Quick Review Of The Enneagram For Business Leaders

Before jumping into how the Enneagram test can help improve a workplace environment, it’s essential to understand how the Enneagram test works. This forced-choice personality test can vary from website to website, but each Enneagram test is designed to assess people’s personalities, fears, perspectives, worldviews, motivators, stressors, and blinders.

The Enneagram has nine different types of personalities, each with motivations and fears. Using Enneagram tests can help people get more insight into their actions. The test helps individuals gain a better sense of self while learning why others behave in specific ways.

To truly understand the Enneagram test, you must also understand the test’s diagram. The symbol is a large circle with a geometric shape with nine points inside it. Numbers outside the circle above each point are ordered clockwise from numbers 9 to 1. These numbers represent the different personality types.

It is also important to mention that these numbers, or personality types, are connected to 2 other numbers on the Enneagram symbol. The first line may symbolize the personality type the person is trying to repress, while the line to the second number is the personality type the person becomes more like when healthy.

These numbers, or personality types, are also next to other numbers known as the “wings.” The number represents a person’s primary personality, but the adjacent numbers directly beside it can also influence their dominant type with additional motivations and characteristics.

Each of the nine personality types is a part of one of the three Triads, which include:

  • Heart Types
  • Head Types
  • Gut Types

The heart types usually react with emotions, while the head types react with analysis and intellect, and the gut types react with their instincts or “gut” feelings. Each Triad includes three personality types with different motivations, perspectives, and fears.

Taking an Enneagram test can help people understand themselves better. Using the Enneagram in a workplace environment can help  HR and management better understand employee personalities and potential behaviors. This insight can be a massive benefit for everyone involved.

Do Companies Use the Enneagram?

Small businesses, non-profit organizations, and large companies use Enneagram tests to better understand their employees’ personalities, motivations, blind spots, and behaviors. According to truity.com, approximately 1,517,098 people, and counting, have taken the Enneagram test within the last 30 days.

Many companies have also used the Enneagram test to help improve their workplace relations. According to CNN, a study done in 2011 showed that about 72 companies used Enneagram personality tests for their employees. Some of these companies included: Toyota, Best Buy, Avon, and many others. Once these companies started to use these personality tests, they noticed increased sales and employee engagement.

The Best Enneagram Test For Businesses and Teams

enneagram for business tests

Several websites, like the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI), offer Enneagram tests. According to statisticssolutions.com, this Enneagram test is only 72% accurate.

The most popular Enneagram tests in the US for businesses are available at truity.com. This website is so popular in workplaces because the Enneagram test measures personal motivation, relational stances, communication, leadership styles, and approach to teamwork.

Multiple professional assessments are available at truity.com that are specifically for business settings. Enneagram tests are best amongst relationally-oriented occupations. It’s best for people who work in teams or with customers to understand the different behavioral patterns, develop empathy, and act accordingly.

Although not all companies use the Enneagram, it’s a valuable resource for workplace environments to understand how people behave in different situations. Companies can use several other tests on truity.com to try to understand the patterns of their employees.

The four different types of personality tests that business owners can use for their employees include:

  • TypeFinder for the workplace
  • The Enneagram for the workplace
  • Big Five Personality Test
  • The DISC Personality Test

In “The Enneagram for Business” test specifically, the test is made for groups to take a fun and easy test that allows employees to understand their core motivations. Not to mention, using the Enneagram test is perfect for reconnecting with remote workers.

free enneagram test

The Enneagram test can help your company or business take its employees to the next level of productivity and efficiency; make sure you plan to work with the information you get!

The business tests on truity.com currently cost about $17 per customer, but the price can go down as the team sizes go up. For example, if you have 1000 employees who would like to take the test, Truity will charge $9000, reducing the cost to $9 per employee.

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How Do You Use Enneagram In Business?

Communicating about and having everyone take the Enneagram test is simple! There is no certification or forms that are needed to take the test. After ordering the tests, your employees or team can take the assessment and see their results (taking the free version may not supply you with enough information).

If you purchase more tests than you initially needed from truity.com, you will have credit that can go towards another employee in the future. Ask every employee to designate 15 minutes for taking the test(depending on the type of Enneagram test purchased).

When all the tests are complete, it’s best to have a plan to review and discuss the results in small groups relevant to the people each person works alongside. Healthy work culture will help place employees in a position where their personalities can thrive and improve many different business qualities.

The Enneagram tests are proven to be extremely helpful in workplace relations. According to an article in Forbes, one company had issues between employees that they could not resolve. The team then decided to do an Enneagram test, which then helped the team resolve their workplace problems.

When the leadership team was near the breaking point, the entire team took the Enneagram test. A new picture emerged. Instead of feeling like there was no way to get these issues resolved, the group now felt that they had a map to success. The team learned how they all reacted to stress differently. Some changed their behaviors to avoid confrontation at all costs, while others relished confrontation and conflict to exert control over the situation.

Team members can learn how to support one another’s motivation and stress types. Once they understood the different patterns and behaviors, they could have a workplace environment that was much more comfortable for everyone. 

5 Benefits Of The Enneagram For Business Environments

  • Team members can understand one another better
  • Fewer conflicts and more collaboration
  • Leadership can align team members in areas of motivation
  • Happy, fulfilling workplace
  • Stronger communication

Enneagram Types at Work

As mentioned before, the Enneagram test has nine different types of personalities. They are each part of the heart, head, and gut triads. These personalities, along with their motivators and fears, include:

Type 1: The Perfectionist

  • This type is a part of the Gut Triad, meaning they follow their instincts. The perfectionist sees the world as very black and white. They want to improve themselves and the world around them.
  • The Perfectionist or Reformer is a great person in charge of detail-oriented positions in a workplace. Usually, this type of person follows principles and rules closely. Their motivations are to be good and honorable. Their fears are being imperfect or being morally flawed.

Type 2: The Helper

  • A person with a helper personality is exactly as the name might suggest. They are known to aim to please while being very selfless. They are always known to want to prove to others that they will always be there for them. This type of personality is a part of the Heart Triad.
  • Helpers’ greatest fears are feeling unloved or alone. Their greatest motivations are feeling loved and appreciated. In a workplace, the Helper does a great job while in a position of serving others.

Type 3: The Achiever

  • Enneagram Three’s are a part of the Heart Triad heart. Achievers are known to be goal-oriented, busy-bodies, and influential. Their greatest fears are failing or being insignificant in relationships or the workplace.
  • Achievers’ greatest motivators are feeling successful and admired. It is best for this type of personality to set and achieve big goals for the company and personal fulfillment in the workplace.

Type 4: The Creative Individualist

  • The Four is a part of the Heart Triad. Creative individualists are in touch with their feelings and desire authenticity. Since this type of personality is so unique, they usually fear being flawed and ostracized from others.
  • Creative Individualists are motivated by being unique, inspiring, and voicing their individuality. It is best to help this type work on projects that allow for creative expression, artistry, and helping others.

Type 5: The Observer or Investigator

  • Enneagram Fives are a part of the Head Triad. Observer or Investigator personality types want to gain knowledge from the world around them and be self-sufficient. Their greatest fears are being overwhelmed by the needs of others and themselves.
  • Their core motivators are feeling competent. It is best to give this personality type their space in the workplace while giving them complex problems to figure out.

Type 6: The Loyalist or Skeptic

  • Sixes are a part of the Head Triad and crave safety and security. They are known to think a step ahead, and they feel secure by preparing for the worst. Their greatest fear is not feeling prepared for some issue or potential danger.
  • Their core motivators are seeking support and reassurance from others. In the workplace, Loyalists or Skeptics are known for handling stressful situations well as long as they have secure relationships with other employees.

Type 7: The Enthusiastic Visionary

  • Sevens are a part of the Head Triad. Enthusiasts are fun-loving, optimistic, and worldly, yet try to avoid pain or boredom. The greatest fears of this personality type are feeling pain, unhappiness, uninspired, and missing out.
  • Enthusiasts must have a lot of change in the workplace rather than monotonous work. They also need a lot of freedom in their occupation to work on the projects of interest. One of their greatest core motivators is doing new activities to feel inspired and excited.

Type 8: The Challenger

  • Enneagram Eights are a part of the Gut Triad. Challengers are known to be very headstrong, powerful, and assertive. An Eight’s greatest fear is feeling powerless.
  • Their greatest core motivator is to be in control. Challengers make great leaders in a workplace due to their can-do attitudes and willingness to make big decisions.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

  • Enneagram Nines are a part of the Gut Triad. Peacemakers are known to avoid conflict and have an easy-going demeanor. Their greatest fears are conflict and tension.
  • To combat these feelings, the greatest core motivators of a Peacemaker are creating peace within their environment. Nine can be great mediators for others in the workplace, making them terrific counselors or teachers.

For more career advice and tips for each enneagram type, check out the post: Discover How Every Type Can Experience Meaningful Work.

Creating the best work culture allows employees to serve in positions that best suit their skillset and natural motivations. As different personalities grow and develop in a healthy work environment, better communication and fewer relational issues will occur. To share the Enneagram with your team and discuss how you can best work together, get started with the tests at truity.com.