5 Truly Last Minute Gift Ideas Almost Anyone Will Love

So, it’s down to the wire and you really need last minute gift ideas that can be purchased given right up to the very last moment.

We won’t waste a lot of time, you don’t have much.  Below are last minute gift ideas that almost anyone will love no matter the occasion.  If you’re needing to find a gift without a lot of time scroll the ideas now.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Almost Anyone And Occasion

Keep in mind, even though you may be low on time that doesn’t mean that you still can’t give a meaningful gift. Gift giving is an opportunity to display to the people you know and care about that you just “get them”.

A gift has the power to convey what you have noticed about others that they may often feel like is overlooked or underappreciated.

Giving a gift (even if it is last minute) should be a joy to everyone involved and is an opportunity to communicate what you think is special about the person you’re giving to.

Gift-giving is an act of celebrating what you know and love about others!

Because you need last minute gift ideas in a short amount of time we have narrowed down the gift selection to five options that we truly believe most people will really enjoy and appreciate.

The ideas truly are last minute gift ideas that you can purchase seconds before you need to give them!

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Last Minute Gift Idea #1 MasterClass Online Subscription

MasterClass Online Classes:  Learn From The World’s Best

masterclass gift ideas

This is an amazing gift idea when you’re short on time for multiple reasons.

  • Masterclass provides a gifting option so that the subscription can be awarded to the person you’re giving to
  • There are lots of very interesting class options taught by experts in a wide array of topics
  • Subscribers will have access to all classes with a full subscription
  • Single class options available too
  • Access to classes is immediate

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Last Minute Gift Idea #2 23andMe DNA Test

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service: Personal Genetic DNA Test

Because the kit requires registration before it can be mailed to the user, gifting the registration is still exciting because who doesn’t want to learn more about their ancestry and personal DNA!

  • Register your kit at 23andme.com/start
  • Ancestry Composition, Ancestry Detail Reports, Maternal & Paternal Haplogroups, Neanderthal Ancestry
  • DNA Relative Finder: Find and connect with relatives in the 23andMe database who share DNA with you
  • Family Tree: Automatically built from your DNA relationships

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Last Minute Gift Idea #3 Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins: For Apps, Games, & In-App Items

last minute gift ideas

Amazon Coins are a super cool last minute gift idea that most people can use and enjoy because there are so many apps that they would love to have but sometimes don’t feel like paying for, you could be their hero!

Below are some of the details concerning gifting Amazon coins:100

  • Option to gift coins (be sure to check the box next to Give Amazon Coins As A Gift text)
  • Amazon Coins are worth $1.00 to spend on apps, games, and in-app items
  • Coins you buy never expire
  • Use Amazon Coins on Fire tablets, Fire TV, and on any Android device through the Amazon Appstore

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Last Minute Gift Idea #4 Audible Membership

Audible Membership

last minute christmas gift ideas

An Audible membership provides access to thousands of book titles, podcasts, wellness guides, and more.

  • Option to gift subscription (be sure to click the text Give someone the gift of Audible directly below the start my annual membership button)
  • Customized membership durations with tiered price points
  • 1 credit a month good for any title in the app to keep forever
  • Free and easy exchanges for titles purchased with a credit

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Last Minute Gift Idea #5 StoryWorth Subscription

StoryWorth Subscription:  Personalized & Customized Books For You And Your Loved Ones

A StoryWorth subscription is a unique gift that will last for years and years to come.  This is a cool option because you can literally gift your family or friends with history so that the stories live on in book form.

StoryWorth is an incredible way to:

Preserve Memories
Keep a memoir of the past to pass on to future generations.

Feel Connected
Weekly stories help you stay connected to your loved ones over any distance.

Learn About Those You Care About
Discover things you never knew about your family, and grow closer together.

This is a cool last minute gift too because you can literally purchase the gift at any moment and choose when the email notification begin for the person you’re gifting it to.  Here’s how it works:

  • Once a week, StoryWorth will email the person you choose to be the “storyteller” questions you’ve never thought to ask.
  • The storyteller simply replies with a story, in response to the question, which is shared with you each week.
  • At the end of a year, the stories are bound into a beautiful keepsake book.

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I hope using this list of last minute gift ideas helps you.  Remember, giving a gift should be fun for everyone involved and is an opportunity to communicate what you think is special about the person you’re giving to.  I hope this has inspired you toward that!

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