The Enneagram of Personality is a helpful tool for individuals seeking to better their personal lives by gaining self-awareness and understanding of their motivations. 

Because the enneagram pinpoints these things and explains why these motivations are relevant, it is also instrumental in helping individuals create an ideal career path that aligns with their personality. 

Exploring your personality through the lens of the enneagram can be very fruitful work.  Experiencing personal growth does take effort; however, the journey to improve self-awareness to impact how we think, feel, and interact with others is worth it. 

Finding or creating a career path that suits your motivations and interests is possible and also worth it.  If you are just starting or are looking to make a career change, understanding yourself better can tremendously help you identify work that you will love.

In addition to the personal work you are already doing to grow and develop, using an enneagram career test can further assist you in your efforts to find a fulfilling career. 

In this article, you will find the five best enneagram career tests to help you develop and grow in the workplace, including how each test is different. 

Plus, there is additional insight concerning how your personality can positively affect your career choices and career suggestions for each enneagram type.

You can use your newfound knowledge from each enneagram career test to improve your performance in the workplace or identify new opportunities using the career path suggestions that could suit you best.

Read on to learn how each enneagram career test can help you advance professionally and why it is crucial to your work performance to know your enneagram personality type.

You can also learn how to use your personality type to your advantage to provide the best services possible for your company and which career paths would satisfy you best.

Enneagram Career Test Need To Knows

Why Understanding Your Personality Is Important & How It Can Affect Your Career

enneagram career test taker

Your Enneagram type can tell a lot about you, including your strengths, weaknesses, core desires, and fears. These factors should influence the type of career you should pursue based on your motivations and beliefs.  Ideally, your work is driven by your deepest motivations; this is the surest way to exercise your calling and have a fulfilling, fruitful career.

Knowing your Enneagram personality type is important to your career because it can provide you with steps for bettering yourself so you can feel fulfilled in your career, proud of your achievements, and maximize your work ethic. Additionally, it can teach you how to broaden your perspective and understand yourself and others for better communication skills, making your practice more efficient.

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How To Use The Enneagram To Connect Your Motivations With Your Career

Depending on your Enneagram personality type, you belong in one of three enneagram triads, a collection of personality types with three different motivations. Though there are three primary motivations, each Enneagram type within the triad will carry the motivations differently. 

Understanding the triads and which one you are a part of can provide you with a unique perspective to help you succeed in your career.

Heart Triad

The Heart Triad is also known as the Feeling Triad.  The types in this triad are influenced by their feelings when making decisions, and their core emotion is shame. Enneagram 2’s,  3’s, and 4’s belong to this triad and crave connection and intimacy with others. 

If your type is within the heart triad, realizing your deep desire for connection and intimacy can help guide you toward work that enables your ability to build relationships, be supportive, and network with others.

Head Triad

The Head Triad is also known as the Thinking Triad, In this triad, the types are influenced by their thoughts when making decisions, and their core emotion is fear. Enneagram 5’s 6’s and 7’s belong to this triad and value security, truth, and belonging.  They long for understanding and tend to be intelligent people who like to solve complex problems.

If your type is within the head triad, understanding your desire to innovate, problem-solve, and pioneer new ideas can help guide you toward work that allows you to explore new ideas and maximize your ability to provide fresh,  new solutions.

Gut Triad

The Gut Triad is also known as the Instinctive Triad. This triad is influenced by their intuition when making decisions and is motivated by anger. Enneagram 8’s, 9′, and 1’s belong to this triad and are driven by justice, uniting people, and creating positive change.

If your type is within the gut triad, use your intuition to assess whether or not your current career is best for you.  Allow your instincts to move you towards work allows you to make a difference, provide leadership, and unite people.

If most of your work is limiting your desires and natural giftings, you will always feel stuck, unfulfilled, and longing for change.  Connecting your strongest motivations with your career path is critical to doing work that you love.

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How An Enneagram Career Test Can Help You

career personality test

Using an Enneagram career test can help you and your business by providing helpful insight for self-awareness, growth, and development for you and your team. An enneagram career test will identify your possible type and also explain key characteristics related to work performance. Once you have recognized your flaws and weaknesses, you can manage them to achieve better results in your career.

Concerning a team environment, after learning everyone’s Enneagram type, you can also implement Enneagram coaching in your company for greater levels of understanding, collaboration, and career satisfaction. Because the Enneagram of Personality can teach you how to broaden your perspective and appreciate diversity, your team can further strengthen communication skills, resulting in a more smoothly-run business.

Source: Flight Media

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The Five Best Enneagram Career Tests

Enneagram career tests are personality tests specifically designed for individuals to assess their current career path and help workers develop and strengthen their collaboration skills.

Using an enneagram career test can provide insight into your motivations and how to use them best to influence your work.  Identifying these key factors can greatly impact individual performance and overall team health. 

Each enneagram career test below offers unique benefits and features.  Be sure to assess the different aspects of the tests to determine which ones will be most beneficial for you or your team.  Or, consider using multiple tests to gather unique insights from each one.

Truity’s Enneagram Career Test

free enneagram test

Truity’s Enneagram career test is a more business-oriented version of their well-known Enneagram personality test. Their test uses the Enneagram of Personality theory to specify the test taker’s attributes based on the nine distinct personality types. Once they have determined your type, they describe your work style, leadership style, and teamwork skills.

This test consists of a six-page, 105 question survey with simple questions about your traits and morals that you answer by checking one of five boxes rated from inaccurate to accurate.

Truity’s Enneagram career test only takes an average time of ten minutes to complete. The results will show your dominant personality type and your scores for each of the remaining ones.

To take the Enneagram Career Test offered by Truity click, HERE!

The Enneagram Career Guide

Enneagram Career Guide For All Types

The Enneagram Career Guide is a downloadable workbook that uses insights and question prompts to help individuals evaluate their current career path and identify one that will be the most meaningful.  The guide is extremely effective for helping to reconnect your passion with the work you will be the most motivated by.

Career Guides come in separate books for each of the nine Enneagram personality types, explaining your type and how you can connect the dots between your personality and career. 

The books are extremely affordable and are delivered via email as a downloadable PDF file so that you can study any time on your device.

To purchase The Enneagram Career Guide click, HERE!

Cloverleaf’s Enneagram Career Test

cloverleaf enneagram coaching review

Cloverleaf is an interactive software for teams and organizations that offers insights and tips using personality assessments, including the Enneagram to improve performance, morale, workflow. 

Cloverleaf’s test can help improve business by teaching your management teams and employees more about themselves and cooperating despite workplace diversity. Their platform is completely customizable to fit your organization’s needs.

Cloverleaf’s services provide four different plans, so no matter your business’s size, you can use the Enneagram of Personality’s theory to improve your company. These plans include: 

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Enterprises
  • Coaches

Each plan incorporates an ongoing coaching system that can enhance your team’s motivation, communication skills, and work style.

To take the Enneagram Career Test offered by Cloverleaf click, HERE!

Crystal’s Career Personality Test

free enneagram tests

Crystal’s career test can help determine your or your workers’ Enneagram personality type and which job would suit you best based on your traits. You can use their services to provide your management teams and employees personalized “Playbooks” to offer insights on improving their performance.

This test consists of 18 easy questions involving four different traits that you answer by choosing which one is most like you and least like you, taking under ten minutes to complete. You can then integrate your results into Crystal’s three Enneagram business coaching options for teams, sales, or hiring, depending on what kind of business you offer.

To take the Career Test offered by Crystal click, HERE!

Integrative 9’s Enneagram Career Test

enneagram career test

Integrative 9’s enneagram career test can determine your employee’s Enneagram type and investigate the cause of certain behaviors and resistance. It can allow your team to delve into their emotional intelligence and flaws to better themselves through self-discovery and achieve more happiness in their work.

This test is dynamically adaptive for the most accurate results possible, taking about 30 minutes to complete. The professional edition of the Integrative 9 test costs $120, which is a fair price for such a well-rounded and informative product that can lead you to become a better person. A summary of included material is provided below.

Integrative 9’s Enneagram career test contents:

  • Your Enneagram Profile
  • The 27 Enneagram Subtypes
  • The Enneagram Centers Of Intelligence
  • The Enneagram Wing Types
  • The Levels Of Integration
  • The Six Dimensions Of Stress And Strain

To take the Enneagram Career Test offered by iEQ9 click, HERE!

Which Enneagram Career Test Is Right For You?


  • The larger the enterprise, the larger the discount: Truity’s professional Enneagram career tests can be pre-purchased at a discounted rate, depending on the number of tests you’re buying.
  • Has the highest rating: Truity’s Enneagram personality test is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, making it the most-liked test out of all other options as over two million people take it every month.

For more information or to purchase the Enneagram Career Test offered by Truity click, HERE!

Enneagram Career Guide

  • Guides you to make the right career choice: The Enneagram Career Guide can help you determine which career might best suit you and how you can take steps to find a spot in that career.
  • Helps you to get over limiting thoughts: Enneagram Career Guide’s services help you take the right approach to life, meaning you will leave out limiting thoughts and make room for big ideas.

To purchase The Enneagram Career Guide click, HERE!


  • Used by well-known corporations: Cloverleaf’s Enneagram services are used by popular companies, including Chick-Fil-A, UPS, Monster Energy, and The YMCA.
  • Provides ongoing insights: Cloverleaf can be integrated into platforms we use every day, like calendar, Slack, and MS Teams, to show you daily Enneagram coaching tips for your business.

For information or to purchase the coaching services offered by Cloverleaf click, HERE!


  • Easy hiring: Crystal’s services for Hiring can use the Enneagram career test to determine the hiree’s personality type, so you can see if they have the skills you’re looking for in an employee.
  • Connect with others: If you choose to sign up for Crystal for free, your Enneagram career test results are saved to your profile, and you can see others’ profiles to find out their types.

To take the Career Test offered by Crystal click, HERE!

Integrative 9

  • In-depth: Integrative 9’s Enneagram career services don’t just show you your results for your specific Enneagram personality type, but they also teach you about all of the types, wing types, strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors.
  • Teaches about diversity: Integrative 9 doesn’t just teach about the diversity of the Enneagram personality types, but also cultural differences in employees and their beliefs.

To take the Enneagram Career Test offered by iEQ9 click, HERE!

Could Hiring An Enneagram Coach Help Your Career Or Team?

If you have already begun to integrate the Enneagram of Personality’s philosophy into the workplace or need a little help, hiring an Enneagram Coach could be your next step to further success within your organization. Enneagram coaching is helpful, and you can find out more on that front by visiting our blog post on 3 Successful Enneagram Business Coaching Options for Teams.

More Career Path Advice for Each Enneagram Type

Each of the Enneagram personality types is driven by different motivations and has unique skills that make them who they are, so they all have different career paths that they would excel in. This section provides examples of different career path choices for the nine personality types and why these types of jobs could be a good fit for their talent and align with their motivations.

Enneagram Type 1 Careers


Because type ones like to pay attention to the fine details and produce perfection, being an accountant would be the perfect job. Accountants must read the fine print and make sure their data is correct to properly analyze, manage, and prepare reports on their clients’ financial information. Ones also have the urge to be lawful, which aligns with the standards for the job.


Another job that plays into an Enneagram type one’s ability to be detailed, literate, and utilizes perfection would be an editor. Editors are people who restructure sentences, correct misspelled words, and improve writing so it can be easier to read and understood by the audience. The best work environment for type ones is where they can provide straightforward communication.

Event Planner

Because type ones have excellent problem-solving skills and are perfection-oriented, they would make great event planners. When planning events, many can go wrong; orders can arrive later than expected, and attendees can either join or cancel last minute. Event planners must provide solutions to any problems that surface so everything can run as smoothly as possible.

For more career path advice for enneagram type ones, visit Enneagram Type One Careers.

Enneagram Type 2 Careers

Advice Columnist

Enneagram type twos have a talent for understanding peoples’ problems and are inclined to help them, making them an excellent candidate for being an advice columnist. Advice columnists are educated in psychology and medical fields or are just freelance writers who want to help others in need. Type twos thrive in work environments where their help is appreciated.

Non-profit Worker

Because type twos love feeling like their work contributes to others and they want to bring people together, being a non-profit organization worker would fit them perfectly. Foundations like Feeding America are dedicated to feeding the less fortunate. They would benefit from a two’s help because they can gain more traction and provide more while remaining a good cause.


Since type twos are empathetic and have a fascination for digging into others’ lives, they would make excellent therapists. Therapists are there for their clients on a professional level while maintaining focus on improving problem areas in their coping journey. Twos also favor building relationships, and being close with your clients can result in a higher level of understanding.

For more career path advice for enneagram type twos, visit Enneagram Type Two Careers.

Enneagram Type 3 Careers


Type threes are quick decision-makers and are energy-abundant, so they like things fast-paced, making them a great candidate for a company’s CEO. CEOs are crucial workers in a company, as they manage all operations and are the leading communicators. Threes are competitive, which means that they can keep their organization number one across the board as a CEO.


Because type threes have confidence in their beliefs and love using their powerful voice to help others, being a journalist would fit their personality perfectly. Journalists must always be up-to-date with the latest events to present honest news to their viewers. Threes like to keep themselves busy, and what better way is there to do that than developing news stories?

Motivational Speaker

Type threes are always looking for something to do, inspiring others to push through obstacles to accomplish their own goals. For this reason, threes would make excellent motivational speakers. Motivational speakers gather crowds to speak their beliefs and motivate others to follow their dreams and use their voice for good, just like an Enneagram type three.

For more career path advice for enneagram type threes, visit Enneagram Type Three Careers.

Enneagram Type 4 Careers


When an Enneagram type four finds a passion for a brand, they support them wholly, making them the perfect candidate for an advertiser. Advertisers work to target their ads for an audience they believe would most likely purchase the product they’re selling. Because type fours find satisfaction in being authentic, they can sell a product using their artistic ability and honesty.


Type fours are unique people who crave creative freedom and self-expression, so being an artist is a dream-come-true for them. Art is subjective, so the art you create can be anything according to your mind’s eye, including painting, jewelry-crafting, or fashion design. Because fours want their work to be different than anyone else, their artwork is sure to catch your eye.


Because type fours have a creative mind, they can write words in such a descriptive manner that a picture can form in their readers’ minds as if it were a movie scene, making them talented writers. Writing can be a rewarding profession for type fours because it allows them to show self-expression and creative freedom in their writing style while meeting readers’ expectations.

For more career path advice for enneagram type fours, visit Enneagram Type Four Careers.

Enneagram Type 5 Careers


Because type fives are so knowledgeable on complex subjects of interest and soak up new information like a sponge, they would make great analysts. Analysts interpret both inside and outside data for companies to make improvements. Businesses would benefit from a type five as their analyst because they pay attention to detail to provide the most accurate data possible.


Another great data-oriented job that an Enneagram type five would excel in is being an engineer because they favor science, mathematics, and learning technicalities. Engineers analyze and record existing technologies to better them or create new, better technologies with little to no flaws. Fives would be good at this job because they can be alone with their work.


Type fives spend so much time thinking that they can weigh any outcome based on their recorded data, which means they would excel as a researcher. Researchers collect and organize information to explore possibilities and predict trends depending on their field. This job also requires more focus on work, which is ideal for the introverted Enneagram type five.

For more career path advice for enneagram type fives, visit Enneagram Type Five Careers.

Enneagram Type 6 Careers


Because type sixes are loyal and like to point out red flags in the decisions people are thinking of making and ensure their co-workers are thinking things through, they would be excellent managers. A manager maintains their staff by selecting employees and training them to become better at their job. Type sixes can guarantee a safe workplace as a manager.


Another great job for type sixes would be a paralegal because they like to work practical and structured jobs under someone else’s care. Paralegals are the people who work under lawyers to maintain, organize, and draft legal documents for them to use in trials and are also known as legal assistants. This job would benefit from a type six because they are loyal and committed.


Type sixes like a work environment where they can ask questions and share their values, so being a teacher would be an excellent job for them. Teachers prepare and deliver lesson plans and instruct their students according to their material, ensuring everyone understands the lesson. Type sixes can assist every outcome, so they can help students who are having trouble.

For more career advice for enneagram type sixes, visit Enneagram Type Six Careers.

Enneagram Type 7 Careers


Because type sevens do best in a fast-paced but constantly evolving work environment, they would make great candidates for a career in acting. Actors communicate through speaking, body language, and conveying emotions to capture their character’s role. Directors would benefit from having a type seven as an actor because they often act in front of others.


Another excellent job for an Enneagram type seven would be a chef because they are all about having fun and having new experiences, which they can accomplish through using fun ingredients. Chefs:

  • Manage a food preparation team
  • Decide which dishes to serve
  • Make specialty dishes

Restaurants would benefit from a seven because they are full of great ideas.

Fitness Instructor

Type sevens are always the life of the party; they can hype anyone up and inspire them to join them in something daring. For this reason, they would make an excellent candidate for being a fitness instructor. Fitness instructors lead and motivate their clients in exercising activities. Type sevens would benefit from this job because they have a lot of energy and hate to stand still.

For more career path advice for enneagram type sevens, visit Enneagram Type Seven Careers.

Enneagram Type 8 Careers


Because type eights aren’t afraid to work hard, they would make great advisors. Advisors plan and execute business strategies in meetings to improve operations and finances and analyze the risks these plans could have. A business would benefit from having an eight as its advisor because they are decisive and fast-paced workers who thrive when they’re in charge.

Director of Sales

Another great career choice for a type eight would be a director of sales position because they are assertive and self-confident, resulting in high sales rates. Sales directors manage the sales operations for businesses to meet their sales targets and are talented marketing negotiators. Type eights as sales directors can make a business a lot of money.


Type eights never stop pushing and can persuade anyone with their assertive attitude and to-the-point communication skills so that they would make an excellent candidate for a business strategist. Business strategists present strategic marketing for targeted audiences and a range of clients. A workplace would benefit from an eight strategist because they don’t procrastinate.

For more career path advice for enneagram type eights, visit Enneagram Type Eight Careers.

Enneagram Type 9 Careers


Because type nines are supportive figures and know how to calm minds with their peacemaker abilities, they would be great counselors. Counselors work with groups or individuals to better their mental health and talk about their life experiences to learn coping. A business would benefit from a nine as their counselor because they are caring and understanding people.

Human Resources Manager

Another excellent job choice for a type nine would be the management position for Human Resources because they take their time to get both sides of the story. Human Resources managers coordinate administrative functions, like hiring new staff and link between management and employees. Type nines can solve a conflict in the workplace before it starts.

Social Worker

Enneagram type nines believe that everyone can be good, so they would be a great candidate for working as a social worker. Social workers assist and solve everyday life problems like abuse and, if they are clinical, diagnose and treat behavioral issues. Nines would benefit from being a social worker because they like doing good and seeing everyone be happy.

For more career path advice for enneagram type nines, visit Enneagram Type Nine Careers.

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Enneagram Career Test Summary

An Enneagram career test can help you determine your Enneagram personality type and which career path would suit you based on your skills. They can help you make important discoveries about using your type’s motivations to your advantage when choosing or creating a career. These tests can also set you up for Enneagram business coaching if you are looking to integrate it into your company. 

Always remember, it’s never too late to start or change, and you are not stuck.  Finding fulfillment in your work is a worthwhile endeavor, and know that I am cheering for you!