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This gift-giving buyer guide based on each enneagram type will help you understand each type a little better, discover why certain gifts will appeal to each personality, and select the perfect gift.

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You probably have people in your life that are more difficult to buy for than others. Or, maybe you’d like to choose a special gift for your friend or loved one.

The benefit of filtering your next gift selection through this enneagram gift guide is that it will help you avoid the gift card section at the grocery store or crossing your fingers hoping they like what you picked out.  Instead, find a meaningful gift for those you’re buying for.

Gift giving is an opportunity to display to the people you know and care about that you just “get them”.

A gift has the power to convey what you have noticed about others that they may often feel like is overlooked or underappreciated. Gift-giving should be an act of celebrating what you know and love about others, get the buyer guide and find the perfect gifts.

What’s Included In The Enneagram Gift Giving Buyer Guide?

  • Summary Of Each Enneagram Type
  • The Core Desire Of Each Type
  • The Message Each Type Most Wants To Hear
  • Explanation Of Why Different Gifts Appeal To Each Type
  • Specific Gift Ideas For Each Type
  • The Power Of Giving A Gift

The enneagram is a wonderful tool for self-discovery and awareness.  It can also be used to learn more about those around us too!

Save yourself time and money by using this gift-giving buyer guide.

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